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SFC - Cobalt's Initiation

A short mini-fic about the story of Cobalt's initiation. Based on my old TF fandom 'The Starscream Family Chronicles'. Enjoy! ------------------------ ...

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SFC - As Told By Rachel

Title: SFC - As Told By Rachel. Other Title: 'In the Beginning'. Type:...

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My Falling Star

Title: "My Falling Star." Genre: Poetry/Romance/Drama Description: Transformers Poetry Warning(s): None. ...

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Shopping for Margaret

Megatron was busy thinking up plans for the next attack on the Autobots. His mind whirred noisily, causing him to scratch at his chin. "Kreeekkreekkreek". The hollow metal sound echoed through the corridors and into an...

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Starscream's Pizza

"So, how does this work again?" Starscream eyed the item in his hand, before switching his puzzled gaze to his partner and back again. "Its food sweetheart. You put it in your mouth, chew and swallow. In other words, you...

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