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Ted's Precious Memories

Published on March 23, 2007. --------------------------- Ted was the kind of guy who collected special items. To most people they would seem very or...

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Young Palumine

Published on March 22, 2007. -------------------- Palumine was a beautiful young goat-boy who danced with the eagles in ...

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Greek Ants

Published on March 22, 2007. ------------------ The sun shone with an intensity that was highly normal for the time of year and country. It highlighted the mountains and hills, the trees that sat on them and the hous...

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Lady Lust

Published on March 22, 2007. -------------------------- Magnus wanted her. He wanted her so bad. For she had such glowing skin, a joy to the eyes and senses. He wanted to hold her so much, to tell her how much she wa...

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The Web of my Heartache

Published on March 22, 2007. --------------------------- Max was sat in his hotel room. He was sprawled on his king size bed with a few scraps of paper spread in front of him, thinking about his situation. The...

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