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The True Nature Of Things

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE CROSSOVER FIC This fic actually came from a roleplay between me and a friend of mine. ( Dummy 4 Eva ) We have a Wacky Races/Dastardly & Muttley RP going on a...

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Wipeout Of The Hero REDUX

After many years of vomiting over the last version of Wipeout of the Hero, I felt it was high time it got a rewrite. So, gone are the Mary Sue overtones, the unrealistic plot and the awful formatting. Without further ado, have at it.- M...

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The Rachel's Explained

'The Rachels' Explained You may have noticed a common trait with a lot of my female OCs. The name Rachel. I figured I'd explain this for you all. Although each Rachel may have a similar descri...

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Fallen Angels

Inspector Heinrich Lunge is assigned to a case to capture the famous theif, Lupin III. He must collaborate with a local Inspector to bring him to justice and save valuable artifacts. Work in pr...

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Oh, Ionia! - Part 1 - Panagiotis

The short intro of Panagiotis from the 'Oh, Ionia!' storyline. Quickly written as inspiration dictated. Will edit to correct mistakes later. 'Oh, Ionia!' and all characters, designs and con...

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