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Screech Part 1: Necklaces and a Mothers fury

“Hurry up Alex!” I growled, looking through some demonic looking dolls. I had been stuck at ‘Mike’s Mystical Oddities Shop” for about an hour as Alexa perused the hundred of strange looking objects. Suddenly she came up behind me spinning me around. She was holding two braided black leather necklaces with pendants.
“I got you an early birthday present Brenna.” Alex said. “Just choose which one you want.” She held them out and I looked at the two necklaces more carefully, one had some type of silver raptor claw on it, encasing a perfectly small bead of some kind of dark blue rock, when I looked at it, I could have sworn that there were star twinkling in it and a half-moon. The other pendent was much different; it was a wolf howling in profile in some kind of black stone, with a small green jewel where its eyes would be.
“Hurry up, the store’s about to close Breni.” Alex said excitedly, her vibrant green eyes shining with excitement. I looked at both of them again, weighing them in my hands. I finally chose the Raptor claw necklace, Alex decided to keep the other one. Immediately after paying 5 dollars for both of them, we put them on, and that is when strange things started to happen.
It was about 7-ish when we left the store and neither of us wanted to head back to the apartment complex where we both lived. We wandered aimlessly around our small town for awhile, deciding to go to the old playground near the apartments and watch the stars come out.
Sitting on the swings and staring at the sky, a saw an unmistakable shape form from the stars, a fierce owl and next to it a snarling wolf. I didn’t notice that I had grabbed my pendent until I cut myself on it.
“Ouch.” I muttered licking the blood off my palm and inspecting my pendent for signs of blood. There was a bit where the claws where, making the pendant look like these claws had just ripped some poor creature to shreds, I shivered at the thought glancing at Alex, whose eyes and the eyes of her pendent both reflected the half-moon in an eerie similar way.
“Brenna! Get inside; you still need to do the laundry!” My mother yelled, making me jump. Alexa seemed to be in some kind of trance and didn’t move until I tapped her shoulder, at which she practically had a heart attack. She decided to head in also, knowing her mother also had chores for her to do.
“WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO YOURSELF?” My mother screamed as soon as I stepped into out well lit apartment. I was confused until I looked at arm, which had a black outline of an owl on it, its eves fierce and its beak opened. I stared, dumbstruck at it, becoming aware of the many coincidences I had just seen since I bought this necklace. I mumbled something to my still screeching mother and rushed to my bedroom, locking the door. I could hear my mother calling someone, a tattoo removal specialist maybe, or some kind of therapist, I was in too much shock to care.
Suddenly screeching same from next door, where Alexa lived, and now I realized it was probably for something similar. I waited until I head Alexa bedroom door slam and lock, which wasn’t hard sine our bedrooms share one thin wall. I grabbed my laptop and started typing furiously to her on IM:
Starscape17 (that’s me): When did we get tattoos?
Flutterby (Alex): I dunno, but it has to have something to do with our necklaces.
Star: Figured out that one, but how?
Flutter: No clue, magic I suppose
Star: What do we do now?
Flitter: I have no idea, but we should go back to Mike’s tomorrow
Star: Okay, G2G mo’s yelling again
Flutter: I can hear her, see ya tomorrow if were not thrown in to dungeon or anything
(StarScape17 and Flutterby have logged off)
And that is how I got my library card, cellphone, television and ever other privileges I knew and had, and the ones I didn’t taken away. It’s also the ending of my life as I knew it and my trust in the rules of the universe. This is the begging of how I became know as Screech and how I met the hottest guy EVER.
But at the time, I didn’t know that, all I knew was that something really weird was happening and that I could spend the rest of my life staring at the white ceiling of my bedroom, because my mom had even placed a limit on how much I could read.

Note from Whimsy: I know the ending was sucky so you'll have to excuse me, and if the are any errors let me know! Basicly if you have anything to say (save just plain rude natsy insults) tell me and I'll see what I can do!