Hehhee :D I don't really get this world thing so I just wanted to try this out :D Is this like blog? Whatever XD Maybe I just tell you something about Starfall :D

It's my comic I made few months back :D First pages looks horrible but I was bad at drawing back then :D I'm not still good at it but I try to get better :D I wonder how it will look over year? XD I can't even imagine it :D

Well I guess I can tell you how I started it :D Well I actually had art side XD and many people liked my works and they soo wanted to me to draw comic... First I tough that no cause I'm really lazy and all.. Well then I though that well why not.. What would I lose :D So that's how it started :D My biggest problem was spot.. What should I create and what kind of story.. I wanted it to be mahou shoujo like but not too sweet :D Fist it had really simple spot like boy meet girl, they fight against monsters, fall in love, live happily ever after XD But then I started to think things over and all I can say that plot is really something XD I would like to tell it to you but it would ruin whole comic :D Well please read it XD

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