Secret Santa Guidelines!

Secret Santa Event: Guidelines

The Rules for the Event:

1. ANYONE can join. If you know someone who would like to join, send them a PM and invite them! Please comment HERE to join up!! You have until NOVEMBER 30th to join. Also, we understand that crazy things occur in life, but please be committed to joining. :D

2. You must create a Wishlist for this year’s event with at least THREE options for your Secret Santa to choose from. It would be APPRECIATIVE (so we don’t have to go hound through everyone’s posts) if you could leave the link in this post or PM us the link to your Wishlist. The Wishlist must be up by DECEMBER 3rd. Also if you don't have a world to post your list in, you can always PM us the wishlist and we will keep it until drawing the names!

3. Take the EFFORT to make the fan art the best you can~ It doesn’t matter if you’re a master artist or just starting, as long as you give it your best shot because that’s what matters the most ^__^.

4. The name of who you are the Secret Santa for will be sent via PM between DECEMBER 5th-8th, that is why it’s crucial to have your Wishlist up by the DECEMBER 3rd please and thank you. ;)

5. Please post your Secret Santa gift anytime between DECEMBER 20—DECEMBER 30, though we prefer if it was sometime between DECEMBER 23-25. We decided to leave a five-day gap either side from Christmas, seeing that people may have family to visit and such. Please let us know if these dates would conflict anyone’s Christmas plans as soon as possible.

6. Spread the word! The more Otaku’s that join, the more fun it’ll be~ :D

7. If you’re willing to be a Substitute Secret Santa [you feel that you’ll be able to make an extra fan art in the event that someone drops out last minute], please also leave a comment in this post, or PM us!

LAST RULE: Have fun! =D We're looking forward for this Christmas year and hope this Secret Santa event will be a blast! Best wishes to everyone~<3

Let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for checking out this event!