Welcome to theOtaku Secret Santa Fan Art Event for 2014~! :D MangaKid and I will be hosting the event this year and we hope you all have fun~

IMPORTANT: This Secret Santa event is for Fan Art ONLY, though you don't have to be an expert artist maker. I'm sure others will soon be creating other sections for theO, so keep an eye out for those. There are posts from earlier secret santa events, so please just be mindful about the dates as to not get confused. :)

Entry Submission CLOSED


Important Dates

Icon Secret Santa, hosted by Ritona Raito -->LINK
Ecard Secret Santa, hosted by Chibi-Anna-Chan --> LINK
IWallpaper Secret Santa, hosted by Aka Yuki --> LINK
Wallpaper Secret Santa, hosted by Clueless101 --> LINK

Itachisasuke's SS Group

Heyo all!

As people have started to post their art, I will be updating the list of the participants on my side :)

NOTE: If you received your gift from your Santa, but don't see it below, please leave a comment so I can keep better track :) For those who have not yet received a gift yet, please don't worry, we're working our best to sort it all out :D Happy New Years Everyone!!

It will go as: {Secret Santa} --> {Receiver} = {Gift}
Names will be added as Santa's post their art! :)

{MangaKid} --> {Superstarpanou} = {Gift}
{MashMadness} --> {Yummy Sukia} = {Gift_01} + {Gift_02...pending}
{Kohakuma} --> {fluffy sama san} = {Gift}
{Neilly} --> {Felcie} = {Gift}
{Fluffy sama fan} --> {Evalinna} = {Gift}
{Hifsa} --> {Mootouman} = {Gift}
{Tauria} --> {Katherine Talbot} = {Gift}
{Black Crow} --> {thelostsindar} = {Gift}
{Mootouman} --> {hackerblackrose} = {Gift}
{theLostsindar} --> {Sena Harulumin} = {Gift}
{Artgrrl} --> {cougarsama} = {Gift}
{Evalinna} -->
{Stocking} --> {Mangaandanimelove} = {Gift}
{Mangaandanimelove} --> {nikkeh09} = {Gift}
{Infinatelove42} --> {harvestmoonluvr} = {Gift}
{HotRamen2go009} --> {MashMadness} = {Gift}
{Pandaman08} --> {Moonlit dream} = {Gift}
{Aryia} -->
{Buffy23} --> {DemonsandAngels} = {Gift}
{OoAnBuOo} --> {Dragonflyte} = {Gift}
{TAKEO1991} -->
{Hackerblackrose} --> {Sane Restriction} = {Gift}
{KyraChan} --> {Chibi-Anna-Chan} = {Gift}
{Superstarpanou} --> {Pandaman08} = {Gift}
{CelestialSushi} --> {HotRamen2Go009} = {Gift}
{Yuko9kost} --> {PerfectlyDamned} = {Gift}
{Yummy Suika} --> {kohakuma} = {Gift}
{Fullmetalfan28} -->
{Torao} --> {Ellenor Mererid} = {Gift}
{Lindtey99} --> {Black Crow} = {Gift}
{Fire.freak} --> {XXXYuiLieaxxx} = {Gift}
{XXXYuiLieaxxx} --> {deidara310} ={Gift}
{Kbreeze12} -->
{Lorrainiaful} -->
{Keya} --> {Toyotami Kun} = {Gift}
{21Emmz12} --> {Kyrachan} = {Gift}
{Yours Truly} --> {...Pending}

Participants & Wishlists 2014~!

If you've sent me a PM/comment regarding wishlists, I should have it up here. If you haven't, please check (and if it's not there, leave a comment with the link). Much appreciated!!

1. Mangakid {Wishlist}
2. Itachisasuke {Wishlist}
3. Klassic {Wishlist}
4. Deidara310 {Wishlist}
5. Toyotami Kun [+sub] {Wishlist}
6. Nino Umaka {Wishlist}
7. X MAGE X {Wishlist}
8. NinjaBluez {Wishlist}
9. Nikkeh09 {Wishlist}
10. Ellenor Mererid {Wishlist}
11. Sena Harulumin {Wishlist}
12. Moonlit Dream {Wishlist}
13. Clueless101 {Wishlist}
14. Keba Si Rota {Wishlist}
15. Himedere {Wishlist}
16. xNotUnderstood {Wishlist}
17. Lileeboo {Wishlist}
18. Elricbrothersfan [+SUB] {Wishlist}
19. Zuzu Uchiha {Wishlist}
20. DemonsandAngels {Wishlist}
21. Healer94
22. Chibi-anna-chan {Wishlist}
23. Enkichan {Wishlist}
24. DeathSeraph {Wishlist}
25. Edisshort {Will PM Wishlist}
26. Harvestmoonluvr {Wishlist}
27. PerfectlyDamned [+SUB]{Wishlist}
28. FUNimation {Wishlist}
29. ChiPolVee {Wishlist}
30. DoubleOtaku {Wishlist}
31. Miracle Star19 {Wishlist}
32. Felcie {Wishlist}
33. Sane Restriction {Wishlist}
34. KCHuang {Wishlist}
35. Art4life {Wishlist}
36. KeybladeMewKasa
37. Dragonflyte {Wishlist}
38. Cougarsama {Will PM Wishlist}
39. Katherine Talbot
40. MashMadness {Wishlist}
41. Kohakuma {Wishlist}
42. Neilly {Wishlist}
43. Fluffy sama fan {Wishlist}
44. Hifsa {Wishlist}
45. Tauria {Wishlist}
46. Black Crow [+SUB] {Will PM Wishlist}
47. Mootouman {Wishlist}
48. Thelostsindar {Wishlist}
49. Artgrrl {Wishlist}
50. Evalinna {Wishlist}
51. Stocking {Wishlist}
52. Mangaandanimelove {Wishlist}
53. infinatelove42 {Wishlist}
54. HotRamen2Go009 {Wishlist}
55. Pandaman08 {Wishlist}
56. Aryia {Wishlist}
57. Buffy23
58. OoAnBuOo {Will PM Wishlist}
59. TAKEO1991
60. Hackerblackrose {Will PM Wishlist}
61. Sakaira [SUB only]
62. KyraChan {Wishlist}
63. Superstarpanou {Wishlist}
64. CelestialSushi {Wishlist}
65. Yuko9kost {Wishlist}
66. Yummy Suika {Wishlist}
67. FullmetalFan28 {Wishlist}
68. Torao {Wishlist}
69. Lindtey99 {Wishlist}
70. Fire.freak {Wishlist}
71. XXXYuiLieaxxx
72. Kbreeze12 {Will PM Wishlist}
73. Lorrainiaful
74. Keya {Wishlist}
75. Agni98 {Wishlist}
76. 21Emmz12
77. Yours Truly {Wishlist}

SS FanArt Timeline (important dates)

Secret Santa Fan art event: Timeline at a glance!
Thankyou all for joining so far and keep spreading the word :)

NOVEMBER 30: Last day for Otakus to join this event! After the 30th, we will be taking no new participants. If a new participant is added late, it will only under certain circumstances. If you have to drop out, please let us know asap so we can get a sub to take your place!

DECEMBER 3: Wishlists must be posted by this date. If you do not have your wishlist ready, posted, and linked to us by the 3rd, then we will be PMing you. If the wishlist is still not posted after that, we'll sadly have to exclude you from this event.

DECEMBER 5-8: You will get a PM with the name of your SS aka who you will be drawing for, and also a link to their wishlist. Do not tell anyone who your SS is under no circumstance, especially your SS! Its supposed to be a surprise for everyone. If you have questions or concerns, PM one of the event hosts who will contact your SS if needed :)

DECEMBER 20—30: Post your gift for your SS, making sure to dedicate it to them! (though we prefer if it was sometime between DECEMBER 23-25). Anyone who knows that they will be late in posting their gift will have to contact one of the events hosts asap.

Thankyou! All comments and concerns can be posted in the comment box, or feel free to contact me (MangaKid), ItachiSasuke, or Aryia by PM!

Fan Art SS Event 2014

Hello guys!

It's that time of year again...well almost. Just to give a heads up that Mangakid and I are hosting this years Secret Santa Fan Art Event!!

It's pretty much the same as last year. Please comment if you'd like to join as the event is now open for participants. Any medium of art is fine! Just please make sure it's original and your own work! It would be a shame to have it removed because it's a copy of someone else's work. :)

Rules will be posted shortly.
Have questions? Comments? Feel free to PM either of us or leave a comment below! We look forward for this exciting event!