Well, if you haven't noticed...I haven't really been on here in a while. I want to tell everyone (The People who actually care X3)
I will be going on a mini hiatus//a short break for a bit.
*LE GASP* "WHY!!??"
Well thank you random thought of myself for asking ~
My reason for my leaving is that the end of my first semester and exams are coming up and I really need focus on my work and get caught up, turn in papers ~ and yeah....FOCUS

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Especially for the exams...even though I only have like...bleh never mind I have maybe...5 classes I really need to study and memorize useless information for...even if I have to stay up ALL NIGHT!!!

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...Ugh..but I know I really do have to study...its my last year of high school and...I just wanna go well >.<

But I can already see myself when I take the exam. No matter how much I study, it seems as if I can never study enough...
Random questions pop up on the exam and I'm just sitting there like "When the heck did we learn this crap????"

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Or when I take an exam I have NO CLUE what so's like I was dead for this entire semester and nothing ever registered into my empty little head...

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Pshh...or I don't study cuz I have the feeling "Pssh this class is easy. I got this!!" ...but then I don't do so hot X3

But yeah, I will be back after those are over, hope you all have a...I dunno...good life X3


~CrimzonN3k0 z~