New Years Resolution

Hello there everyone! I hope you all had an awesome New Years and for those who go to school....we all pretty much went back to school by now. My New Years was okay...spent it with family...we had a nacho party. X3

Lets talk about New Years Resolutions.
New Year's Resolution:A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change

Resolutions for myself
1. I will become more organized, I have crap everywhere and can never find what I am looking for.
2. Turn in my schoolwork/quick slacking. Need to pick up the pace if I want to graduate on time.
3. Work on the website that I'm doing with StarlightPrincess
4. Buy more make-up
5. Transition into becoming a Gyaru.

Resolutions for TheOtaku
1. Do more posts.
2. Upload more art.
4. Enter/create more challenges
5. I dunno...Talk to more people? I feel like I hardly know anyone on here X3

Well this is just some of the things I came up with for my New Year's Resolution ~ Be hearing from you <3

~CrimzonN3k0 z~