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Well yesterday I made a post about how I really needed some help brainstorming for cake ideas for my mom Mom's Birthday on thursday so far, All I know is that its going to be a RED VELVET two layer, circle cake
The only reason why I have come to this Idea is becuase clueless101 was the only person that helped me so "i thank you clueless101" for the awesome idea of the red velvet flavor <3

Now then the rest of you freeloaders out there :P
What the heck, none of you people could help? and dont pretend some of you didnt see this post I know some of you looked at it, views just dont move becuae :P ~ I mean, gee, I'd hate to you you people if I were like in a life or death crisis DX


HEY THERE EVERYBODY!! This is just your Buddy CrimzonN3k0 z here requesting some help!! My mom's Birthday is THIS THURSDAY!! I really want to bake her a cake but im not sure on what flavor and the design! SOOOOO i was maybe thinking that some of you lovely people of theO could maybe help me come up with the design and such.

1. My mom doesnt like chocolate cake
2. She loves butterflies, hearts and the color red, and strawberries XD
3. I ONLY have a square cake pan and 2 circle cake pans

What flavor cake? What flavor frosting? How should this cake look? I NEED IDEAS ~ so if any of you out there can help, PLEASE HELP ME, we can brainstorm together =^.^= ~ I will make you an avi (^.-)b

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To me =^.^=

Yep Yep that right, you havent read anything wrong XD

Well thank you to all who have already, and to those who will later wish me a happy birthday, you guys are awesome <3

I recived a birthday card in the mail from my dad...who is in jail DX
and it was a pretty nice card...the only bad thing is that it said
"Happy Sweet 16" ...I just turned 17 dad...did you miss an entire year or something? (well at least he remembered)

I went to summer school today (yeah...) and I had an awesome day
1. The computers were down!! :D and becasue all my classes are online ~ I got to just go home <3
2. I made $8.00 ~ $1 from my teacher, $1 from a friend, $1 from a security gaurd, and $5 from my friends mom XD

Well so far my Birthday is going pretty good <3
I hope it continues to fold out aweseomly

~Happy 17th Birthday!! CrimzonN3k0 z~

Oh Wow

HEY! how are all of you crazy people? ~ ANYBODY MISS ME? well please excuse my absense ive been away living the college life (even though i havent finished highschool yet) XD i had the chance to go and live at Davenport University and take a comunication class ~ it was awesome. sooo on Monday which is my birthday XD for some reason my profile said the 1st of July >.> but its the 9th :) and my timezone was wrong too i dont live in tokyo (pssh i wish) i live in the U.S. But i will start posting in my worlds again =^.^=