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What Do You Want!?

Well hey there everybody ~ This is just going to be a small post <3 So remember when I said that I was going to start posting more often because I have the time, right? Well it never occurred to me that it would be nice to ask YO...

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Hey Everyone!! It's your main loca chica CrimzonN3k0 z!! (But what if it wasn't me? What if I were...someone else?) Anyways!! Seeing as I have returned to theO I think that you all must know my reason, right?...

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Howdy! I am just gonna get straight to the point of this post. StarlightPrincess and I are partners in a school project in which we come up with our own business from t...

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HOLY *beep* Dx It's Go Time!

OMFG!! So...yeah, remember when I was saying in the previous post that I was feeling super accomplished and all that jazz? Well, apparently....my online course will ALL HAVE TO BE DONE BY MAY 8th ...

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I am Alive

Hey there everyone!! Just thought that I would give you all a quick update. I had once said (Or at least I think that I did) I was going to be gone for a bit to focus on my school work//online classes. I have been...pretty much...

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