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Summer Plans!...2

Hey there! Remember me? ((Of course not Dx I'm a nobody)) <==Internal conflict XD Well any who, this is a second part to my summer plans post. This one one be as long as the first post because after I looked at i...

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Summer Plans!

Howdy all! As of Saturday June 8th, 2013 ~ I CrimzoN3k0 z are now a high school graduate. Yeah, I finally get to leave that rat hole that they were trying to pass off as a sorry excuse for a high school. It was a nice ceremony....so...

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Update 6/6/13

Hey there everyone! This is just a quick update post. The things that I mention in here I will go into more detail later on, cuz I am just too lazy to elaborate. Tuesday StarlightPrincess and I went to a shwanky din...

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WOAH! Graduation RANT

Okay, so like...not even 5 minutes ago, StarlightPrincess sent me a message via Facebook telling me that there is a newsletter in the mail explaining out Graduation crap. RANT 1 We must ride the "BUS" to the graduatio...

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Well if you have been paying attention to my worlds then you will see that nothing has been happening at all. Yeah, I guess I have been a bit lazy, you could say.... This was my first week full of not having to go to school...kinda.....

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