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How I spent this week ~

This just going to be small-ish post.....who know because I can talk a lot XD I will basically sum everything up I did this week into this post and then elaborate on everything that I felt was the most interesting or important ~ ...

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Hey you guys X3

So It's almost been a while...? ((Or maybe my mind is slipping)) Well whatever XD I'm just making a post today. I know I haven't made as many posts as I would like buuuut, I have a few reasons. I have be...

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Check it Out!

Hey! This a banner/header that I made for the top of my blog. "KawaiiSTARcrunch"
I made the character look almost exactly like me. So yes, this is basically what I look like. Pretty "Kawaii" no? XDD ((Sorry for my bad humor, this is what happens when you stay up til 3:30am watching anime))

Well anyways, tell me what you all think about it.

CrimzonN3k0 z

Summer Plans!...2

Hey there! Remember me? ((Of course not Dx I'm a nobody)) <==Internal conflict XD Well any who, this is a second part to my summer plans post. This one one be as long as the first post because after I looked at i...

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Summer Plans!

Howdy all! As of Saturday June 8th, 2013 ~ I CrimzoN3k0 z are now a high school graduate. Yeah, I finally get to leave that rat hole that they were trying to pass off as a sorry excuse for a high school. It was a nice ceremony....so...

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