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Not Dead Yet!!

Hello, Karakura Town!!!!!!.....I mean people of TheO!
Please forgive my long absence, but I am lacking internet connection. My mom thought it'd be a cool and less expensiveway of living if she got rid of the cable and internet services....((Curse you mommy!! Jk love ya XD)) but yeah. ..so there goes that, and at first we were just using the "Hotspot" feature off my cell phone andit was ppretty good....until I found out that just because our phone plan has unlimited talk, text, web and such...doesn't mean you have unlimited "Sharing Data" as the dumb lady said at the phone store. So I basically ran up 500MB of the sharing data I had. ((TOTAL RIP OFF!!)) ...mainly cuz I was using my laptop from whenever I got on til 4am.....watching anime XD or editing pics, or figuring out my blog. <(^°^;) heh...but anyways I will have internet soon, the cell bill is almost up so I get the hotspot back, I just can't be on the laptop all day like I was.

I apologize for all or any typos you may come across of. I am posting with my cell and this is very difficultand I shall never do it aagain!

~ CrimzonN3k0 z ~

New Blog Post!

Hey you guys! It's me, just letting you all know that I have updated my blog with a simple...sort of like a haul post. I went to the mall recently and wanted to show you all what I bought.

Check it out!


Love you guys!

~CrimzonN3k0 z~

K Project

Alright then. As promised I will talk about some stuff when I watched K project. It won't be exactly a review but yeah ~ just what I thought about it. ...

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How I spent this week ~

This just going to be small-ish post.....who know because I can talk a lot XD I will basically sum everything up I did this week into this post and then elaborate on everything that I felt was the most interesting or important ~ ...

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Hey you guys X3

So It's almost been a while...? ((Or maybe my mind is slipping)) Well whatever XD I'm just making a post today. I know I haven't made as many posts as I would like buuuut, I have a few reasons. I have be...

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