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Catching up on some things ~

Howdy, howdy, howdy everyone how are you all doing? I hope you are all doing pretty good! I am okay ~ Im just posting in here because I can x3 Ive just been catching up on a few things since my last post so sorry it has been so ...

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Artist's B L O C K

Alright! So almost everyone does some form of art ~ music, drawing, dancing, designing, photography, editing, crafts, cooking etc! Now then I, myself like to draw, bake, edit, and just got into photography and...*brain fart*....I knew I was ...

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Hai Gaiz!

Seeing as I can't seem to stay away from this site, I guess I will just be doing posts and such from my phone! Which....will take longer than on my laptop so...yeah...STRUGGLE ON! I dunno if I will be updating my Blogspot on my phone....the...

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Miss Me Yet?

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well!
No this is not a ghost, you aren't dreaming and I am still alive and well.

I know that I have been gone for soooooooooooooo long and haven't had the time (OR INTERNET) to update here...which is very sad for me T^T

So much stuff has happened and I wanna tell you all about it but I guess you will have to wait a tad bit longer, hopefully you will find it worth the wait...if not..then OOOOPS!

I will tell you all that...I am still..broke and unemployed DX
It's like the universe knows that I want to do so much with my earnings that...it just won't let me
I just wanna save my money and move into my own place DX gee!...I wanted to have moved out by December but....looks like I will still be here...so maybe next December....
And...ya know buy random crap cuz...I like stuff LOLX

Anyways...along with getting a job StarlightPrincess and I plan on opening up a store on Storenvy.com to sell stuff ~ cool stuff X3
I won't tell you what all we will be selling because we have to come to a nice consensus on the list we made, but I will say that it will be a mix of handmade with LOTS OF LOVE crafts//accessories and probably some gently used items (might be hard for me cuz I am terrible and parting with things that are mine X3) and other cool things for a reasonable price. So when the store is up and running I will let you guys know...so yeah ~ come and buy stuff from us so I can kindly take your money and save it for the future <3 Thank you XD

This is all that I will post for now, I really miss being on this site!!
Love you guys!

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~CrimzonN3k0 z~

~ KawaiiSTARcrunch!! ~


Hey there guys!!!
I STILL don't have any internet, I have applied to over 10 jobs this summer and am still unemployed. I am at the library on my personal laptop but the WIFI is so wishy washy that it is making me sick.
I start my trade school next month, and I still don't have a job.
Just making a post to let you all know that I still lack internet, I have so many things to rant about and tell you all about, but I will do that on a later date.


I hope that everyone is doing alright. I am sad that I couldn't spend my summer the way I wanted to, but I guess that is life.
So I will post again whenever ~ See you all later

~CrimzonN3k0 z~

P.S. I really need a job DX