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Artist's B L O C K

Alright! So almost everyone does some form of art ~ music, drawing, dancing, designing, photography, editing, crafts, cooking etc! Now then I, myself like to draw, bake, edit, and just got into photography and...*brain fart*....I knew I was ...

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Hai Gaiz!

Seeing as I can't seem to stay away from this site, I guess I will just be doing posts and such from my phone! Which....will take longer than on my laptop so...yeah...STRUGGLE ON! I dunno if I will be updating my Blogspot on my phone....the...

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Miss Me Yet?

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well!
No this is not a ghost, you aren't dreaming and I am still alive and well.

I know that I have been gone for soooooooooooooo long and haven't had the time (OR INTERNET) to update here...which is very sad for me T^T

So much stuff has happened and I wanna tell you all about it but I guess you will have to wait a tad bit longer, hopefully you will find it worth the wait...if not..then OOOOPS!

I will tell you all that...I am still..broke and unemployed DX
It's like the universe knows that I want to do so much with my earnings that...it just won't let me
I just wanna save my money and move into my own place DX gee!...I wanted to have moved out by December but....looks like I will still be here...so maybe next December....
And...ya know buy random crap cuz...I like stuff LOLX

Anyways...along with getting a job StarlightPrincess and I plan on opening up a store on Storenvy.com to sell stuff ~ cool stuff X3
I won't tell you what all we will be selling because we have to come to a nice consensus on the list we made, but I will say that it will be a mix of handmade with LOTS OF LOVE crafts//accessories and probably some gently used items (might be hard for me cuz I am terrible and parting with things that are mine X3) and other cool things for a reasonable price. So when the store is up and running I will let you guys know...so yeah ~ come and buy stuff from us so I can kindly take your money and save it for the future <3 Thank you XD

This is all that I will post for now, I really miss being on this site!!
Love you guys!

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~CrimzonN3k0 z~

~ KawaiiSTARcrunch!! ~


Hey there guys!!!
I STILL don't have any internet, I have applied to over 10 jobs this summer and am still unemployed. I am at the library on my personal laptop but the WIFI is so wishy washy that it is making me sick.
I start my trade school next month, and I still don't have a job.
Just making a post to let you all know that I still lack internet, I have so many things to rant about and tell you all about, but I will do that on a later date.


I hope that everyone is doing alright. I am sad that I couldn't spend my summer the way I wanted to, but I guess that is life.
So I will post again whenever ~ See you all later

~CrimzonN3k0 z~

P.S. I really need a job DX

Not Dead Yet!!

Hello, Karakura Town!!!!!!.....I mean people of TheO!
Please forgive my long absence, but I am lacking internet connection. My mom thought it'd be a cool and less expensiveway of living if she got rid of the cable and internet services....((Curse you mommy!! Jk love ya XD)) but yeah. ..so there goes that, and at first we were just using the "Hotspot" feature off my cell phone andit was ppretty good....until I found out that just because our phone plan has unlimited talk, text, web and such...doesn't mean you have unlimited "Sharing Data" as the dumb lady said at the phone store. So I basically ran up 500MB of the sharing data I had. ((TOTAL RIP OFF!!)) ...mainly cuz I was using my laptop from whenever I got on til 4am.....watching anime XD or editing pics, or figuring out my blog. <(^°^;) heh...but anyways I will have internet soon, the cell bill is almost up so I get the hotspot back, I just can't be on the laptop all day like I was.

I apologize for all or any typos you may come across of. I am posting with my cell and this is very difficultand I shall never do it aagain!

~ CrimzonN3k0 z ~