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~WorkingGal~ WEEK 1

Hi guys! How are all of you doing?? I hope you are all doing mighty fine!...

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What is up every one!? A small amount of time has passed since I have posted here...maybe about a week or two?? I dunno... But ~ anyways I am back and I just wanted to let you all know that I have NOT been a lazy little poo with all of...

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Random link update

So I was too lazy to just go and update the link in one of my posts.........so here


~1st Interview ~

Oh yeah! Posting two days in a row! How is it going you guys? Hope you are all doing alright. So if you have been reading or following the posts in this world, you will know that from time to time I will occasionally drop a few sad f...

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Thank You All

So I realize that it has been a while since I have thanked all of you awesome readers, visitors....stalkers.. XD I'm only kidding with the last one...a little bit. But I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate everyone that visits every one of my worlds.

So instead of individually thanking you for the views in every separate world, I'm being lazy and will do one big thank you here in my main world ~

This is a screenshot of my current number of views that I took with my lovely cellular device :3

Thank you all for checking out my random posts, and dealing with my technical difficulties...and laziness....and most importantly....MY STUPID TYPOS
Lol I mean gee, I never read my stuff before I post XD I am just now going through my posts and seeing all of the random typos, and autocorrects my cell phone makes..so thank you for not yelling at me in the comments like


But thank you again!

Special Shout out to TheDarkEclipse I do enjoy your comments! I just wish my phone would let me reply to them (*^°^*)/ so thank you for your awesome comments!


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~ CrimzonN3k0 z ~