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Awe man...before I get on with the actual purpose for this post is...check out my yesterday! "Taking a long journey to work on the sidewalk-less road in the cold and pouring rain with cars splashing me at every corner. W...

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~WorkingGal~ WEEK 1

Hi guys! How are all of you doing?? I hope you are all doing mighty fine!...

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What is up every one!? A small amount of time has passed since I have posted here...maybe about a week or two?? I dunno... But ~ anyways I am back and I just wanted to let you all know that I have NOT been a lazy little poo with all of...

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Random link update

So I was too lazy to just go and update the link in one of my posts.........so here


~1st Interview ~

Oh yeah! Posting two days in a row! How is it going you guys? Hope you are all doing alright. So if you have been reading or following the posts in this world, you will know that from time to time I will occasionally drop a few sad f...

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