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What Have I been Up To?

Hey there everyone! Hope you are all doing fine! I finally got a day off work, so I thought that I might as well update you all on what I am doing in my boring, little life. W O R K I N G...

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Where Have I Been?

Oh hello there everyone! Long time no post as always ~ I hope none you missed me too much XD ((I highly doubt it)) I hope that you all have had nice..many holidays that have all passed since Valentine's Day ...

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Happy Valentine's Day

YO! What is up with you guys?? Forgive me for being gone from this site for a while. The last post that I made was in Dance Dance Random Nation. If you haven't seen the ...

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Happy New...Whatever

Hey there everybody! I haven't posted anything since...LAST YEAR...hahahaha.. Yeah I know I'm like...11 days late and all but Happy New Year and hope your holiday was great and all that jazz. I was mostly working and such during the h...

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Awe man...before I get on with the actual purpose for this post is...check out my yesterday! "Taking a long journey to work on the sidewalk-less road in the cold and pouring rain with cars splashing me at every corner. W...

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