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FUUUCK Im confused

Hey guys! I miss all your faces! Now then...prepare for the rant/complaining/bitching WARNING -- There will most likely be a lot of swear words beyond this point, if swearing makes you uncomfortable then I would advise you not the con...

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With summer coming up on us not only are we getting a lot of nice weather but awesome events like cons and expos are crash landing in a town near YOU ~

With that being said I have been preparing and will be attending....

External Image

That's right! This year I will be going to JAFAX 19 ~
I've never been and I was supposed to go last year but there was a problem with transportation so I ended up not going anywhere.
This year though, I have the transportation and I asked for the days off waaay back in March and was approved!

JAFAX is on June 21 and 22!
It's so close and I am excited seeing people post their cosplay preparations and I really dig what I am seeing! This year I will also be doing my VERY FIRST cosplay. I'm kind of nervous but really excited at the same time because...I dunno XD
I'm not telling anyone who I am going to cosplay as until the very last minute because I'm just very dramatic that way.
I'm really loving my mom's face whenever I get stuff in the mail and she asks
"Why do you even need that??"
and then I just look at her chuckling and say
"It's for cosplay"

I will be going with a few friends and we've been planning for this since...January? XD

Anyways, if you live in Michigan, especially the GR area then I suggest that you come to JAFAX and have a great time!
It's a free event and is open to the public so I just saved you some coinage!
If you're already going theeeen COOL!
Can't wait to see so many different people and just have a good time.

Here are a few links if you are interested ~

Other than JAFAX I honestly don't have any summer plans besides shooting fireworks and singing happy birthday to myself and maybe trying to spend some time with my friends and do a lot of things that I have planned for the year ahead.

Well anyways this is it for this post, I guess.

~CrimzonN3k0 z~

What Have I been Up To?

Hey there everyone! Hope you are all doing fine! I finally got a day off work, so I thought that I might as well update you all on what I am doing in my boring, little life. W O R K I N G...

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Where Have I Been?

Oh hello there everyone! Long time no post as always ~ I hope none you missed me too much XD ((I highly doubt it)) I hope that you all have had nice..many holidays that have all passed since Valentine's Day ...

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Happy Valentine's Day

YO! What is up with you guys?? Forgive me for being gone from this site for a while. The last post that I made was in Dance Dance Random Nation. If you haven't seen the ...

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