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Youmacon 2015

Hey there, everyone! How are all of doing? I hope you're doing well. This past Halloween weekend I took a trip to Detroit, MI to attend the anime convention known as Youmacon. This was my very first Youmacon and my first conv...

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YouTube Channel!

Yo! Yo! Yo!
What is up everyone! I hope you are all doing amazing!
I, myself am doing pretty good.
Are you all ready for Halloween? I know I am.

Anyways ~

I guess I will stop dragging this post on and get straight to the point ~
So I decided to make a YouTube channel.
You can find my channel HERE
I chose the name "KawaiiSTARcrunch" for my channel.
So far I only have two videos up, but I do plan on being very active!
With this channel I want to incorporate my love for anime, manga, video games and fashion.
I do have a bunch of ideas that I wanna do but for right now those are on stand-by.

Moving on!

Here is my very first YouTube video.
It's an introduction! You get to finally see what I look like and hear my weird voice XD
I admit that it is awkward....I didn't know where to look and I kept laughing and stuff cuz I was nervous.
But hey, I can only get better, right?

Anways I hope that you enjoyed this post. Look out of the next one!

CrimzonN3k0 z

Yoo-Hoo ~

Hey there everyone! Hi Hi! I've missed you all so much, you just don't understand! Sorry for not posting last month...it kinda went by super fast for like no reason..just like "Hey September!"...."Bye September...?" October...

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Cosplay? Plans..?

Well hello there, everyone! How are all of you doing in this fine and chilly day?...unless it's warm where you are then...lucky you. I live in Michigan though so it's cold as crap..but that's majority of the time XD Anyways ~ Af...

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August Update

Why hello there my beautiful people. How aree all of you on this fine day? I hope that all of you are doing alright. I'm here once again to just give you guys an update on things that are going on right now in my life and such....

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