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Blech, absolute Bleh

Things have gotten so busy as of late =_="
I can hardly ever keep up and sometimes I wonder
All of the important stuff like school, and studying, and...other junk I dont care about is really cutting into my personal time!!
I mean I have all of these ideas and stuff that I really want to do ~ But 0-time for it...minus when Im going to bed..but im suppose to sleep then...bleh I need another me ~ there will be me the real me who gets to do a ton of things that can help me in the future...like get famous QUICK XD lolx
and then there is Yes-man me the one who does all of the things I dont like lolx
kind of like havin my own unpaid intern XD


Wooh-Hoo!! I just love when I get promoted on this site ~ it makes me feel like Ive accomplished something or defeated a boss battle in a video game XD

CrimzonN3k0 z ish now Senior Otaku++
Just one more step away from being an Otaku Legend

So thank I guess that I should thank all of the Head people of theOtaku.com
and Im going to do you all proud <3

(Pic edited by Moi ~)

School week 1 FAIL

Well my first week of school has just past by and Im really wishing I just skipped that entire week. The freshmen are all short...and Im 5feet 2inches so theyreall like 4ft DX. My classes are lame, walking to school is tiresome. Waking up early sucks. And overall I just really hate school. I havent been able to update my worlds as much as Id like, I noticed my world "Dance Dance Random Nation has reached over 1,000 views, so I will thank everyone later. School is really screwing me over DX
Oh yeah, and the thing I hate the most...HOMEWORK...I need to get a job and...blah something with little work but BIG pay

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Back 2 Skewl FAIL!!

Well, as you recall, school for me had started yesterday.
...What am I suppose to say? ..I woke up late, my hair was being stupid, and my outfit came out all wrong DX Then, I had to WALK TO SCHOOL IN THE RAIN!

I have awesome classes?? "NO I dont!" In fact here is my schedule

- Health (Boo)
- Dual Enrollment (Snooze Fest)
- Entrepreneurship (Snooze Fest x2)
- English (Meh...)
=====>Lunch (Shitty food)
- Financial Literacy (Duh fuqq?)
- Meterology (Please Shoot me)

Ya see? Crappy classes...and Im too lazy to have my classes changed

Was I happy to see my friends????
....Meh...I mean we kept in touch during the summer so it wasnt I like I missed them too much.

My classes are full of.....Idiots and wannabe Badasses....I mean seriously all they ever talk about has something to do with something sexual, people sitting on tables, teachers are such pushovers sometimes. ASSERT YOURSELVES TEACHERS!!

Then I thought that today would be better with it being the second day an all but I was just...wrong...

Well ~ I will update you on Friday

Sayonara Summer

Well its official...this is like my last day of Summer Vacation T^T
So many things I havent gotten to do yet DXXX
On top of that this is my LAST YEAR OF HIGHSCHOOL (...hopefully)

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But I just want to say that even though I barely did anything...I still had a pretty okay Summer, no stress, no drama (no summer love XD)
But Hey! Thats life.

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On the 1st day of school Im going to dress like Amu Hinamori <3
Obviously Im obsessed with her (If you havent noticed lolx)
Amu or a Ko-gyaru (Kogal) To try out my Gyaru look <3

Hope you had a kick ass summer ~

But no seripusly I just really wanted to tell everyone that I hope they all had an awesome summer and Good Luck with this upcoming school year
Get food marks on your report cards <3