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Well everypne ~ Ive just recently made my first eCard challege its titled "~With the Lyrics~" ^^
I think that it will be a pretty good one. Everyone loves music ~ so thats kind of what i based it on. So many people are already following it and I even have an entery XD (I just posted it...not even 24hrs ago)
So I guess Im feeling a bit accomplished right now.
Now then, on with the rest of my day



Well I thought Im just gonna go ahead and give you guys the low down for all that Im possting today ;)

In Crimzon Magazine!! ~ I will introduce you all to Yanki fashion and give you all a movie that is a great example of a Yanki and a Lolita can be the best of friends

Im Neko chans world of J-pop ~ To be honest Im just gonna post whatever songs Im listening to at the time XD

In Randomosity ~ Obviously something random lol

And lats bbut not least
Dance dance random nation ~ Tis a suprise XD


I might even create a challenge today ~ SO be on the look out for that <3

Backity-back back

Well as you can tell I havent been posting in a few days ~
I guess you could say I was in a bit of a fog, or a rut, basically I was kind of depressed for a bit of no reason DXXX
Yeah life does that to ya sometimes, being a girl and all is really kinda BLAAH I mean all these random mood-swings...REALLY ANNOYING! But hey, thats life for you.

Now then I will be heading out into the awesome world of Worlds and Im gonna floood all my subsribers Backrooms with all my dang posts



I have a question to ask of all of you readers out there ~
I was wondering...If I made a challege on here...would you guys do it???

I mean, Ive been really wanting to a Challenge here but I dont wanna do one and see this...

0 entries

So i dont really want to get my hopes up and stuff...so..would you guys do my challenge??????????????

Over 1,000

~CrimzonN3k0 z~

As you all know, I always like to celebrate when a world of mines has had views reaching to 1,000 ~ Now it may seem small to some but to me it is a GOAL!! XD

I know that I couldnt have gotten this far without all of you readers out there who randomly pop into my my world here

@The Spotlight@

This is just the world where I come and type stuff like, my rants, my feelings, or random things that go on in my daily life XD, and since you all read then I must be pretty interesting XD

But on a serious note here, I want to take the time to thank all you readers out there