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Well, if you haven't noticed...I haven't really been on here in a while. I want to tell everyone (The People who actually care X3) I will be going on a mini hiatus//a short break for a bit....

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New Years Resolution

Hello there everyone! I hope you all had an awesome New Years and for those who go to school....we all pretty much went back to school by now. My New Years was okay...spent it with family...we had a nacho party. X3 Lets talk about New Yea...

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I just want to tell everyone that I hope you all have a wonder New Years eve and a wonderful New Year <3
2013 WOOP WOOP!!!

Be safe!! Dont Party too hard X3 and Have a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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How was your Holiday? + Such = More Nonsense

So! I know Im actually a bit late with this post and I will tell you my reason for that later :3 What I really want to know is ~ HOW WAS EVERYONES HOLIDAY? Did you get that 1 special present that you wanted the most? Did you h...

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So...we're alive (late I know)

Sorry for the day lateness on this post, but I was out and about all yesterday. I didnt get home until 1, almost 2 am Dx But anyways, it is Sunday ~ December 23, 2012 as you can see WE ARE ALIVE!!!!! If it is not obvious to you by now, THE WORLD DIDNT END! I re-type THE WORLD DIDNT END! I totally knew it wasnt going to end X3 Take that Mayan Calander :P Obviously this post isnt going to be a long one, plus Im typing on my cell phone XDD so moral of the story is ALWAYS EAT YOUR VEGGIES!!!

~CrimzonN3k0 z~