Hello one and all and welcome to Rays corner of Horror! So this world is about Horror games, books, stories, pictures. I wanted to tell you what i think about some of the scary games i have played and i wanted to analyze them and give you the underlying story, because most horror things are filled with them! Now, i want to make this a sort of chat, so what i need from you is your questions, about the topic that i will be discussing, so please, please to help me out i need those questions. I will see you sooooooooon Get it i was a ghost ^~^

By the way if there is anyone that wants to post anything on this world please feel free to let me know and i will add you, you could possibly help me by getting some cool scary pictures or stories alright peace!



This is the first post of this world and just for a test to see if your reading Who knows what this picture is from? If you don't know go ahead and comment below that you don't know were it is from, hope to hear from you.