Holic Rei...Any readers out there?

Okay, so I was not completely up to speed this time around with Holic(I KNOW! THE HORROR!). Rei seemed like such a long read that I didn't want to get myself into without rereading the original Holic series.

Buuuut--how foolish of me to even start theorizing about Tsubasa World Chronicle without familiarizing myself with it's brother, Rei!

I might've just flipped to the most recent chapters of Rei that were released this month and everything is coming together. In the words of my dear friend Aurora (tsubasachro), "I think everything [about Tsubasa World Chronicle Chapitre 1] will make sense if we just read Rei." I might have laughed out loud and told her that it was foolish to believe the answers would be given to us so simply by CLAMP but as it turns out, the two tie in so perfectly that (surprise!) it had to have been planned....

SO! I want to meet the loyal XXX HOlic Rei fans out there! YOU are a lucky bunch right now....because these last few chapters have illuminated the answers to so many mysteries. Let us, Holic and Tsubasa fans, come together once more to enjoy the interconnectedness of the two plots.

Are you relieved?

Why do you think Syaoran needs those items Watanuki hunted for with so much dedication?