As some of you out there already know, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is coming back to Japan August 20th in a continuation of the series!

My birthday is in August, the release month, and so it feels like a very special birthday gift XD

Anyway, with the return of Tsubasa (YAY!) this world is revived as well!

All we need are some scans, and friendly translators, and the hope that the new series will one day be available for us to hold and treasure too.

Reactions among fans has been mixed for this continuation series...

Is it going to resolve any loose ends? *_*

Is it going to be a world hopping adventure/side story arc? (plz no! I love the characters but I need more story!)

There will be 49 pages in the first chapter. FORTY NINE!!!! WHO ELSE IS AS STOKED ABOUT THIS AS I AM???

Let's stick together through this and see where it all goes!

A link to my informer can be found here: http://clamp-now.livejournal.com/791481.html