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We have come a long way, on a great adventure. Thank you for being there with me through xxholic and tsubasa reservoir chronicle!

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The last chapter of XXX Holic came out recently. I am sorry I haven't been keeping up with this world much, for me it hasn't been the same without Tsubasa. Any ideas for this world now that Holic is over? Let me know, I would love to add guest posters.

Finally we understand!
From what I read, the egg will erase all of Watanuki's memories of Yuko....
My theory, if you remember, was that it would give birth to a new world where all the clones could coexist, etc, and watanuki would join them. Tsubasachro, you're wish is granted. Even if they never used the egg, at least we know what it is for at the end.

Has it only been this chapter? How long has it been? His companion in this chapter, in none other than Doumeki's Decendent!!!! The egg has been passed down through generations, because there still hasn't been that perfect moment to erase Watanuki's memories.

You heard right, decendent! At least 100 years have passed and now Watanuki's sentence is over. He is powerful enough to leave his prison (the shop). Does this mean that Syaoran is able to stay stationary? Or is he already dead? After all, Syaoran was not in the shop, so his life was not permanent, and he has not been developing as a mage.

Yuko is the butterfly, Watanuki is the bird. Somehow, my perception of the dream was that Yuko was smiling, so she was at peace. Ergo, the bird escaping from the cage was metaphorical for him being about to move on, as she had.
On the flip side, the cage could be the shop. And in the butterfly joining Yuko, perhaps he will now search for her in the world....?
Go stretch those legs wata-kun!

So the egg hasn't been used because it would be "painful" for watanuki to forget. If he forgets, he wouldnt know he was supposed to be sad, because he wouldn't remember Yuko in the first place! But hey, hasn't this guy forgot enough? First his real parents, and now his adopted mom. A touching ending, to see that Yuko wanted him to be happy, thus the egg to erase the bad memory. But Doumeki,and his whole family have kept the egg a secret. They also want watanuki to be happy WITH the memory. That is the deepest show of friendship and shows the extent of love that Doumeki felt for him as a friend. *tears!


Holic Chapter 205 ^__________^

Okay Tsubasachro, remember when you said that for holic taking so long to update it had better have some colored pages and at least be 50 pages long????

OAD 2010 Holic

It's released in japan!

You can watch it stream Here:

and yes, it IS awesome and sad T_T

NEW Chapeter update: 201

Holic has broken the 200s! Whhhooot XD
I want it to keep going strong!
Anyways, in this chapter,

Watanuki is described as "adorable".
Though I was a tad confused. Did he get new glasses? I recall him leaving them in the dream. I suppose that's plausible afterall.... you replace what you lose. And we learn more about the mermaid, and why she was the way she was, and how watanuki feels he can relate to her. Also, there is a very *sexy XD* scene with watanuki and the girl requesting the red pearl. LOL guess you can judge for yourself. OH! And watanuki reveals that he is continuing the shop as one who helps others, that is what he's decided....
but anyone else?
Think Fei Wang Reed was created by Watanuki's wish to bring Yuko back to life? Afterall he would have been created in a dimension where time was irrelevant XD



Holic 194!

It's up on onemanga! Enjoy the pretty colors ^^

Sorry for the tad late update! I worked today :P