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Hey everyone! Im back... with spoilage!
1.) Chapter 213 is out and looking good
Here is the link to the one manga scans:

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bonus picture from a japan!


The raw scans- 212

Alrighty, go here for raws:

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Can any one translate these translations?

Lol, so I found a translation of Tsubasa chapter 211 in japanese, and I used to translate it into english.......
but I dont completely understand it!
Apparently, Fai gets his eye back and along with it his magic too, Kurogane admits how much of a true strong friend the clone had been... I think it is saying also that Fei wang is notorious and Kuro-pu wants to kill him.... and that syaoran and sakura are together at last? I really dont know ^_^
Whadda you make of it?
ps. Clone syaoran is "small wolf" kurogane is "black steel" and Huai is Fai..... yeah

211 the smiling face which burns The small wolf center color two. So it probably is thing what which margin perhaps is not possible with you think in either one. Now seeing in the small wolf and April first, like. Small wolf your voice reached even in black steel and [huai]. '…If the extent which you apologize it did not survive with something' Speech [tsu] [te] lover of black steel. From time of beginning favorite. Me it has done the [ri] it has done in the sustenance which lives fairly well? If 'we would not like to cry, don't you think? only become strong, there is [e] whatever and without crying in order to be completed,'. 'Under it faces' that. Very this feeling the favorite…Favorite strength…And kindliness. In the small wolf 'the 緋 flame' the black steel which transfers true the favorite
The eye of [huai] returned. It is magic teacher revival now. Of after all, as for pattern that magic being agreeable to [huai], you think as the [ru]. [huai] the air it is agreeable 'well', entering, [ru] [katsukoii]!! As for this speech hearing with animation, like. Also three people it was the air being agreeable sufficient, but it was surprise with [kairu] teacher. It is what, whether the hand says be too dirty the [tsu] [te] which has even about, calling also shame also reputation, you say? Truly the flying king [tsu] [te] sorcerer obtaining!! Already it is what with the [tsu] [te] feeling, it reaches to the limits which can be laughed. If to somewhere it has hidden in rear, the air is completed, it is? The [tsu] [te] you say, or come out conversely and there is no [re] whether it is it is not, that it is the extent which doubt greatly becomes, completely!! When it comes out, the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is uninformed in Urasima Taro state?! The [tsu] [te] you say or, also the gnathal [ji] [ji] potato 侑 child is no year what, the [tsu]! The [te] the story which is said the position it is, solving. After all this time line you must be in the mirror, the notion that?