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We have come a long way, on a great adventure. Thank you for being there with me through xxholic and tsubasa reservoir chronicle!

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A chapter 220 spoiler

Anyway, my friend on deviantart read this at the Official Orkut Brazilian Community from TRC. [link]

220 最强的魔法
220 The most powerful magic

Everything is the fault from Clow and FWR not wanting to let Yuuko pass away
At the moment before Yuuko die, Clow stopped time because he didn't want to let her die
Because of that Clow regret his action. He bid farewell to Kero-tachi (probably include Yue too), and went on a trip to the distorted Clow Country
And then he also pay the price to revive Clone|Syaoran with the remaining of his life and magic power.
And as for the price to revive Clone|Sakura, it is "those wish that are granted to people that have came by the shop all these time"

So this basically explain's the end of Clow's life AND how Yuko stayed alive for sooooo long. My friends and I were wondering how old she really was! Only, Clow Reed's wish was to keep Yuko from dying (I knew he love her) and stopped time in the alternate diminsion of her shop! Which leaves us with these questions: He revived them before they were born? Or around the point of "King CLow's death?"And what is up with Fei wang reed wanting to fight against death? Who did he "bring back"? Yuko? She wasn't dead! Or wouldn't she die if she left her shop? Because time would continue once more?


Chapter 218 Read it here!!!

Hey hey it's out and you can download it here!This is a good chapter :)

Spoilers: So R!Syaoran's parents are trying to peice the different worlds back together, but fai doesnt think they have enough strength. However, R!Syaoran's father reminds R!Syaoran of their wish- to protect sakura no matter what!
Will love save the day and bring Fei Wang Reed to his knees?


Here is the rest of the new Tsubasa OADS. They are awesome, but they end at a cliff hanger, just to warn you ^_^
For part 1, see the previous post!

Part 2-

Part 3-


Tsubasa chapter 214 and Holic 174 are now up on One Manga!

Ch. 214-
now in better quality translated scans at
Beautiful scenes!

Edit: This next link will take you to the translated Holic scans!

So the logic of death is breaking down, and Kurogane slowly draws his sword. Fai also breaks from being frozen an uses his magic.
Fei wang easily blocks both attacks with a barrier.

Meanwhile, Syaoran tries to grab sakura's hand, and after a bit of faltering, looking over at Fai and kuro-chan to see if they need help, he rescues her!
Fei wang is knocked down by Fai, but he's smiling- which is never a good sign.
Apparently because Syaoran was able to save the Vortex sakura, the body of the Real Sakura has returned?!

Also, Yuko has just collapsed. In chapter 174 of Holic, she dissolves into sakura petals and butterflies. Watanuki sure is confused.... So what think you?

Tsubasa 214, Holic 174 RAW

Thanks to Manga Helpers, The RAWs of the next tsubasa and Holic chapters are out! Yay!
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For Translations to go with it....

For Holic scans, go here and click on the image to progress to the next page as you would with

I couldn't find translations to go with Holic so... try to infer what's happening I guess... lol ^_^