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KuroFay anyone?

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Holic Chapter 192

Looks like we get some insight into tsubasa here finally!! ^^

Kurogane gets a new arm, they arrive in piffle? ^^

Epilogue 233 Tsubasa on One Manga!

Well, it is out for real! Go see it ^_^

Update on Tokubetsu-hen (Tsubasa Epilogue)

Edit: see raw scans on you tube!

Edit: Translations for all you go-getters out there! From Starlady38 on ^_^

Special Chapter: The Returning World

FX: Creak

FX: Click
!!! page 02
FX: Crowd noises

Fai: It would have been good for you to rest a bit longer in the castle.

Kurogane: All I did was sleep.

Fai: It couldn't be helped, could it, Kuro-tan.

How do you feel?

Kurogane: Fine.

Fai FX: Ah ha ha ha!


Kurogane: Ch!

Fai: ...It really can't be helped, huh.
!!! page 03
Kurogane: The kid got himself up and out too, right?

FX: Crowd noises

Fai: Yup.
He said he was going to the house where he lived before.

Though he really only stayed in this world for a few days,

To Shaoran-kun, it's already a very long time ago.
!!! page 04
FX: Rustle
!!! page 05
FX: Gasp!

Mokona: Did you

Have a dream?

Sakura: ...Yes.
!!! page 06
Kurogane: So the other kid and princess...vanished?

Fai: Their bodies, yes.

Touya: Sakura.

Sakura: Nii-sama...

Touya: Going out?

Sakura: Yes.
!!! page 07
Touya: You're still not yourself.

Don't overdo it.

Sakura: Right. See you later.

Mokona: Bye bye!

FX: Footsteps

Yukito: ...You didn't stop her.

Touya: I only heard the story, but...

Other worlds, with other selves, companions on the journey
...They had a hard time of it.

I want to grant her what she wants to do.

Yukito: ...You're right,
!!! page 08
Fai: At that point,
The feathers Sakura-chan had preserved remained.

It seems that was true even in the place where Shaoran-kun and the others were trapped.

Those were their memories.
In other words, to phrase it like they would in your country of Nihon, something close to the soul.

Kurogane: Which means
That when each of those feathers entered them....
!!! page 09
Fai: That the ones that were copied returned to their originals
Is one hypothesis.

Kurogane: But

Fai: I don't think
That Shaoran-kun thinks that's the case.
!!! page 10
FX: Knock knock

Shaoran: Yes?

FX: Creak

Sakura: Will you come with me?

Shaoran: Where?
!!! page 11
Sakura: An important place.

Kurogane: The kid isn't satisfied, is he?

Fai: No.
So I wonder whether he didn't choose that price.

The world returned to the original, but
Something that's been broken once cannot be fixed completely.

The principle that Fei Wong destroyed
Is one such thing
!!! page 12
Fai: But so is Shaoran-kun himself.

Within the closed circle,
Shaoran-kun was born with his own copied existence as his father and with Sakura-chan's copied existence as his mother.
Those people disappeared, but he remains.

The circle was certainly cut, but Shaoran-kun, and also
That Watanuki-kun he was with--

Those two were left behind.
!!! page 13
Fai: As "individuals" with no connection to anywhere.
!!! page 14
Kurogane: The princess?

Fai: Since Sakura-chan's parents are present elsewhere,
She's different from Shaoran-kun.

Kurogane: ....

Fai: If they were the same, Shaoran-kun would have chosen a different price.

FX: Moaning wind

Fujitaka: Sakura...

FX: Rustle

Nadeshiko: Has gone out.

Fujitaka: ...I see.

Nadeshiko: She had a dream.
!!! page 15
Fujitaka: A dream of the future.

Shaoran: This place...

FX: Howling wind

Sakura: It's an important place
That we came to together when we were little.
!!! page 16-17
Sakura: The other you and I.

Shaoran: ...Is that so?

FX: Plunk

Shaoran: When
I left that space, I paid a price.

It was

"To continue the journey."
!!! page 18
Fai: In the amended world,
They became some kind of "existence that is no match for the logic of existence itself."

The influence they will have on spacetime is unknown.

So, in order to control that influence as much as possible,
Watanuki-kun chose to continue to stay in one place,
And Shaoran-kun chose to continue not to stay in one place.

FX: Sudden

Fai: But...
!!! page 19
FX: Wham

FX: Fluff out!

Mokona: Phew!

Kurogane: Weren't you with the princess?

Mokona: Sakura went to Shaoran's.

She had
A dream.

Fai: ...Really.
I wonder if Sakura-chan knew.

Kurogane: So we have to decide too.

Fai: What we'll do after this.
!!! page 20
Shaoran: But
It's not just that.

I want to meet the other me who is in here once more.

He understood.
The other me is still alive inside me.

Sakura: Shaoran and I
If our memories are there,

It's not the end.

Sakura: The dead cannot be made to live again,
But it might be possible to give a shell to souls that are still alive.
!!! page 21
Shaoran: Then, we said that we'd choose a world where we could exist together.

So, while continuing my journey, I will search for a world where we can.

When I find that method,
I will ask the other me within me,

What he desires,
And what he'll choose.
!!! page 22
Sakura: I too
Want to meet the other me inside me.

I can't go with you, can I?

FX: Rustle

No...I can't.

Shaoran: Sakura...

Sakura: I want to go, but if I go along, your journey will be harder, Shaoran.
I had a dream.

I don't
Want it to be as hard for everyone as it was until now.
It's fine.
!!! page 23
Sakura: You know,
There's one thing I want to tell you before that.

I've been wanting to say it for a very long time.

!!! page 24-25
Shaoran: Sakura
...I love you.
!!! page 26
Sakura: I...
Love you too.
!!! page 27
Fai: Oh, um, are we still too early?

FX: Turn

Shaoran: !?

Mokona: Kurogane, you really can't pick up on moods, huh.

Kurogane: Then don't bring me along to this sort of place!

Shaoran: How...

Fai: Mokona told us to come here!

FX: Hey

Kurogane: You used magic to erase your sounds and aura,
Since you were bursting with the intention to snoop.

Mokona FX: That's right~

Fai FX: Right~

FX: Swirl

Kurogane: So,
You're going on a journey then.
!!! page 28
Shaoran: ...Yes.

Fai FX: Right!

Fai: Well,
Just as I knew, I have no place to return to,
My magic's returned, and I can cook,
So I think I'm a bargain. How about it?

Kurogane: I'll go.

Mokona: What about Nihon country?

Kurogane: Well, Tomoyo said I could be away for a while.


Him and the princess--
This time I'll wallop them.
!!! page 29
Mokona: Sheesh--! You really are violent, Kurogane!

Fai: Yeah, really.

Mokona: Mokona will go too.

FX: Bounce

Because if Mokona doesn't go you can't cross dimensions.
Though Fai is here.

Fai: Well, that would have been a problem.

Mokona: Besides

FX: Light (of magic)

Mokona: This is something that the Mokona I'm separated from has been protecting for a long time.

There are memories inside.
!!! page 30
Mokona: Various people's precious, precious memories.
The memories within it will lead you to the people who remember Shaoran-kun and the others.

The memory that is now the most full within is that of the Sakura within Sakura.
No matter how many worlds Shaoran-kun and the others journey to, it will return you to Clow country.
!!! page 31
Mokona: The next greatest are Watanuki's memories.
He's in the store too.

Since he can meet Mokona, too,
Don't worry.

Everyone's waiting
To be able to meet Shaoran-kun and the others.

Shaoran: ...Thank you.
!!! page 32
Mokona: Thanks for the outfits!
!!! page 33
Sakura: I pray
That this clothing will lead you to this country once more,
And that it will protect you.

Fai: See you later.

Sakura: Yes,

FX: Whoosh
!!! page 34
FX: Light (of magic)
!!! page 35
Shaoran: My real name is--

Sakura: My real name is--
!!! page 36-37
S&S: Tsubasa.
!!! page 38
!!! page 39
FX: Snaking motion
!!! page 40
Sakura: Since we
Can meet again,


More spoilers.
Sakura is left behind, with her parents (original timeline) Maybe...Maybe she'll fall in love with a syaoran from her world. Think about it, the syaoran she knew was from a different world. She has yet to meet the syaoran from her universe XD Even the clone doesn't count in this timeline
WAIT That means Syaoran's mine again! If I can hunt him down XD Maybe that's the true reason he will forever travel-- Like the vampire the're being hunted, he runs from me. XD
Syaoran and gang wear clow cloths!
amazingly beautiful 40 WHOLE pages.

It really feels like either there will be a sequal or it shall continue in xxx holic, or it will have moments in other clamp mangas.
Cry, hug someone close and enjoy. Scans will be here soon ^_^

TSUBASA 233 Spoiler

Hello everyone, usually I don't put spoiler tape on this world, because, well, spoilers are to be expected. But seeing as these pertain to the Final Final chappie of tsubasa, I reckon I should do so just to give you a second chance to consider if you really want the end to be spoiled.

So, here they are. I'm not sure how accurate they are, but they are translations in the spoiler thread on

The name of Tsubasa Tokubetsu-hen (Special chapter) will be その後の世界 (The World Afterwards).
The price Shaoran chose to pay was to continue traveling forever. It's the opposite of Watanuki's price. Though it's impossible to revive the dead, they want to search for a way to allow the clones' souls to resurface from within them. Fai and Kuro will help. Sakura's about to confess her feelings to Shaoran, but he hugs her first and tells her he loves her.

On the day of departure, Mokona gives Shaoran & co. a present: an accessory that will increase the possibility of jumping to a world with people that have close ties to them. Basically, they'll go to Clow first (the original spoiler said Sakura Country which doesn't make sense. People speculated that they meant Clow), then the witch's shop.

As they're about to part:

Shaoran: "My real name is..."
Sakura: "My real name is..."


~The End~

Well, there is nothing said of Tomoyo, so I'm unsure about these translations. I suspect they are incomplete. About real syaoran being cursed to travel different worlds all his life... That really sucks, no offense.
I've been saying this whole time that in the end clone syaoran's soul would awaken within watanuki, but maybe now theres a chance for him to be revived within R. Syaoran. it does seem possible! But it mentions two clones, so how will they get real sakura's soul back into clone sakura?
And no explanation for FWR, or anything except their true names XD But now we have to call them T!Syaoran and T!Sakura because they are the same. We cant call them S!Tsubsa and S!Tsubasa, can we? XD
I believe the "sakura country mentioned above is the country of Oto. Yay syaoran can finally say Hi to all his friends.
Fai and Kurogane help him. How? Fai may have enough magic now to take them to different worlds, but it would be hard to follow the spontaniously disappearing syaoran. Perhaps his curses are gone now that FWR is dead.
Sakura and Syaoran confess! Well it's about time. But I thought that real sakura forgot her memories of real syaoran when the second time line emerged (with the parent swapping) because time was recorded over. Oh well apparently they remember each other and yay! Maybe its because the sakura who was frozen in time merged with real sakura. Yeah! That's gotta be it.
So they say their real names and depart? Is Sakura spared from the curse to travel worlds and doesn't go with her newly found love? Well they did say it was a tragedy folks.

Well, if these spoilers are true, this isn't the "settling down" chapter we were expecting... XD For all you KuroFai fans, it looks like they stick together. IDK.