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Emilas Simonis

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Name: Emilas Simonis
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height | Weight: 5'8" | 126 lbs

Ability Type: Creator
Creativity: 28
Concentration: 25
Confidence: 2
Beginner or Experienced? Experienced


Emilas first found out about his powers when he was 4 - he was looking for frogs in a nearby creek, and when he couldn't find one after searching for hours, he picked up a small stone and decided to pretend it was a frog when, to his surprise, it did begin looking like a frog, although the frog didn't really move on its own. Proud, he went to go show his parents, who immediately took him and locked him upstairs, away from neighbors' and visitors' prying eyes, pretending to the outside world that he never existed.

His little sister would often come up to talk to him, and once she had learned how to read, she taught him and took him lots of books from the library. He was happy spending the long hours alone while he sister was at school doing nothing but reading (any genre, fiction and non-fiction) and creating Ideas from the books he read. Due to spending most of his time doing this, he's become rather good at it. However, his parents were extremely fearful, and would always be sure all upstairs curtains were drawn and would always tell him to be quiet as possible before guests came over, instilling a nervous side of his personality, which eventually grew to full-blown anxiety.

This all came to a head when he about 16. He was creating a puppy for his sister to play with, the doorbell rang, and while his parents were able to get the guest (a mailman) to leave in time, his fear had into a panic attack. The puppy turned into a Nightmare, growing into a large, vicious dog. The dog bit at his sister's neck, broke the lock on the door, ran downstairs, and attacked both of his parents. Emilas, scared and ashamed, ran out of his home, and out into the real world.

Since then he's refused to create any Ideas for fear of something like that happening again. He's been homeless, spending most of the time in the local library in a little corner where people won't look at bother him. Recently, however, the head librarian, noticing this, gave him a little part time job organizing books and putting them back on shelves to help him get back on his feet. He visited his sister in the hospital while she recovered (though her legs are now paralyzed), but only during times when his parent's weren't there, and ultimately refused to come back.

He is often scared and nervous, especially of talking to others due to not talking to anyone other than family for nearly all his life. He will be mute in most situations, and will usually talk to others by writing in a little notebook he carries with him. However, when necessary, he will occasionally speak out loud. Despite his fears, he tries to be kind to others, and will stop to help someone when he sees they are in need. And, as previously stated, he refuses to create Ideas for fear of them turning into Nightmares.

Likes: Being alone, reading (esp. fantasy), his little sister
Dislikes: Creating Ideas, talking to others, his fear, those who are jerks

- He has undiagnosed GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)
- He is rather experienced with creating Ideas, but due to his disorders, they are fairly likely to turn into Nightmares.
- When he's nervous (which is most of the time) and speaks aloud, he stutters.
- Fragile: Handle With Care

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Five Months Ago

Five months ago

Five months ago we danced
We chatted away the night
As if nothing could stop us

Since then it's been little more than glances
Little questions
And I could tell you the answer
If only I could figure out what you were asking

There have been moments
Where you seem to remember that night, too
And you carry the same desire to recreate it

But they drown in confusion
In the little pains of everyday life
Leaving me to wonder
If it's just my imagination
Or do you truly care

Lately it seems my only spider's thread
The only hope I hold onto
To drag me from my despair
Is the sweet memory of that night

Five months ago


Just because I memorize the way your eyes shine
Doesn't mean they'll sparkle in a smile
And walk over to ask me to dance

Just because I memorize the way your body moves
Every part silently singing out like a sleek jazz song
Doesn't mean I'll feel its warmth against me as we dance the night away

Just because I've memorized the sound of your trumpet
The sweet music that sails over the band on your solo
Doesn't mean you'll press your lips against mine the way you press them to your mouthpiece

I've memorized everything about you
The way you sing, talk, walk
But I don't know what else I could do

So please let your eyes twinkle in a smile
As you walk over to ask me to dance