[Icon] Requests

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Welcome to my new world, everyone! Please feel free to request for an icon, so I can get this world going. ^^

Every once in a while, I'll have a special "sweet" where if you don't know exactly what to request for, you can choose from public icons that are available for everyone. They will be grouped together based off of the series it's from, or themes. :D

Just as a heads up, my animated icons are simple animations, unable to have characters blinking, walking, etc. Sorry about that. :P

To request for an icon, make sure to specify the following:
[x] Would you like a few animated icons?
[x] Is there a theme you'd like for it to have, or a series you'd like?
[x] Are there any scans you'd like to be made into an icon?
[x] Would you want your username to appear on it?
[x] Want any words, or just the picture?
[x] Any other specifications?

Thank you for requesting!