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[x] Would you like a few animated icons?
[x] Is there a theme you'd like for it to have, or a series you'd like?
[x] Are there any scans you'd like to be made into a icon?
[x] Would you want your username to appear on it?
[x] Want any words, or just the picture?

* Only 2 or 3 icons will be made per request.
* I am unable to make dark-themed icons, sorry. ^^ You guys know my style, right? :D

[Dengeki Daisy] Icons

[Note: This is a repost from my other world, since I didn't have an icon world at that time.]

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Saving Icons Note: Make sure you save the icon in the link (click the icon wanted)! It works better that way, I believe.
Icons' status: Public, for everyone