[] You have foggy childhood memories.
[ ] You are extremely athletic.
[ ] You often fall asleep in class.
[] You are not the best for school marks.
[ ] You were adopted.
[x] You are trusted with an important secret from someone.
[x ] You are not the best cook.

Total: 2


[x] You are somewhat of a loner.
[x] You like reading.
[x] You often get good grades.
[x] You rather stick to one or two close friends rather than a large group.
[] You hide your emotion.
[ ] Physical strength is not your strong spot.
[ ] You are not one to be easily caught off guard or surprised.

Total: 4


[x] Master of the death glare.
[ ] You rather the company of animals over people.
[x] You hide your inner emotion.
[ ] Under a mask of hate or anger?
[x ] You would rather be alone.
[ ] You have good aim.
[x] You dislike something about yourself.

Total: 4


[x] You are a natural leader and many follow you without much question.
[x] You are often cool and calm, only letting your guard down among your one or two most trusted.
[x] Your mind is ahead of your years.
[ ] You care very much about one person in particular.
[ ] You would do anything for this person.
[x] You can be very strict at times.
[ ] Your greatest (and possibly only) fear is to lose the one you care about most.

Total: 4


[ ] You are a big flirt.
[x] You are very smart and often referred to as a genius.
[x] You are often careless.
[ ] You have a massive ego.
[x] You care deeply for your friends.
[x] You can be very curious.
[x] You don't often show it, but you are more observant than you let on.

Total: 5


[x] You are often very laid back and 'down to earth'.
[ ] You don't anger easily.
[x] You are sensitive to the feelings of others.
[x] You are very perceptive.
[x] You are very often the victim of the circumstances.
[x] You would never betray your friends.
[x] You are afraid to admit your feelings to someone you like.

Total: 6


[x] You are very bright and cheerful.
[x] Your smile is contagious.
[x] You are clever with words and could probably even get away with insulting someone without them even knowing.
[x] You can become serious if the situation needs it, and at that time, you can actually be dangerous.
[x] You are a major manga/anime addict.
[x] You love tea.
[x] You are very loyal to your friends and will stand up for them, whatever it takes.

Total: 7


[x] You are often tired.
[ ] You have actually managed to fall asleep standing up.
[x] You love Pocky.
[ ] Your rarely display emotion.
[x] You often keep to yourself, and only have a special few in your 'circle'.
[x] You are very laid back.
[] You are more of a follower than a leader by nature.

Total: 4


[ ] You are rather small in size.
[ ] But have a hidden strength.
[x] You love Pocky.
[x] Your friends consider you very good looking.
[x] You sunburn easily.
[ ] You don't like to talk much,
[x] But your temper can be strong when you do.

Total: 4


[x] You can appear to have a major temper and attitude.
[ ] It isn't just an appearance, its true.
[] You take pride in your sense of fashion and beauty.
[ ] You care deeply about one special someone, and ignore the rest.
[] You can be very lady-like most of the time.
[x] Your temper will sometimes get you into trouble.
[x ] Even under all that sassy attitude, you really are kind at heart.

Total: 3


[ ] You are often someone of little words.
[x] You have a strong sense of duty.
[ ] You are a master of some sort of martial art.
[x] You are known as someone who can be very light stepped and could sneak up on friends easily.
[ ] You are very solitary.
[x] You are extremely loyal.
[x] Some may say you are a little too serious.

Total: 4


[ ] You have a gruff attitude,
[x] But a kind heart.
[ ] You have amazing aim on a firing range.
[x] You act annoyed with your friends at times,
[x] But really care about and respect them deeply.
[x] You do your best to do what you think is right, even when it may seem to have a tough concequence, or may seem wrong.
[x ] You have a 'tough love' attitude.

Total: 5

Headmaster Cross:

[x ] Many believe you to have a split personality.
[x] You can be extremely random and act completely clueless at times.
[] Though this is only a cover.
[] You like to make home-cooked meals,
[] Of your own creation and design.
[x] You are not one to straight out lie,
[] but you do often tell half truths instead.

Total: 3

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