My head hurts so much right now...

I stayed home today. Good thing I did too. I was snotting sneezing and coughing everywhere, not to mention my terrible drowsiness that made me drink tea to keep myself from sleeping yet ANOTHER 13 hours or so. Too much sleep is bad...I don't want to go into a sicky-sleep induced coma! D:

I basically had the house to myself though, which is a nice change. My mom had meetings and stuff today, and she went out to lunch with my grandma and my Auntie, then brought me back McDonalds. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for not making me nauseated sick this time. <3

I was going to read and record "Leather Pants" but I'll have to hold off...sorry, Chero.

By the way, I have successfully been speaking in a British accent all day, even though I was only talking aloud and to myself half of the time.