Yo yo YO!

I haven't posted since I finished the meme thing and I'm bored. Erm...well I mean, I'm not REALLY bored..I'm procrastinating. xDD *is doing her Theology homework at the same time...but not really doing it at the same time* Baaad Hime. xD LOLZ What can I say? I snapped twice in a row already this week because of my lack of relaxation...so now I'm doing it WITHIN my homework time. HEH.
Baaaad Hime.

ANYWAY, rehearsals for the play have just stepped it up a notch. Tomorrow we start the music. D: THE HORROR! I love to sing and I do it pretty well, but my voice has been acting odd lately. I couldn't even sing "Beauty and the Beast" in choir! X_X I LUFF that song...

I'm working on four one shots right now- at least, I have four in mind. One is already being typed and you people will NEVAH see it. It's nothing personal. When I write short stories that have nothing to do with anime, I always consider and I want to publish them, so posting them here or any "fanfiction" site would not only be out of line (because it really wouldn't fit anywhere), but it would also be risky. I don't want people stealing my work. Why? BECAUSE I'M CONCEITED AND THINK IT'S GOOD! That's right. EAT YER HEARTS OUT, SUKKAAAAAA!!!

*AHEM* I end my crazy loopy madness. Pay attention to the picture.

I love L. XDDD
<> *ow*

You didn't see ANYTHING... *vanishes*