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This is important. *Rant, be warned*

Last night I saw a video that upset me. It wasn't the content that actually upset me; the video was of a woman who (frankly) seemed upset about how "Britain was nothing now that minorities were present". The video itself didn't upset me as much as the comments below, especially one that I flagged as spam, "So one race puts a bone through their nose and another can walk on the moon? Don't give me crap about racial equality. That's just bull sh*t for inferior races."

Don't say it.

I'm sure someone is going to tell me, "There are always going to be hateful people like that. Just ignore it, move on."


When you say things like that, it seems like those people don't exist. I'm not saying I don't ignore them. I'm saying that it could have, and would have blown over if others ignored it too.

No one ignores anything. Understand that.

There will always be hate. Of course. We know that. And you know what else? Things linger. They always linger. That's not the main issue I wanted to address.

I was talking to my best friend last night via Skype. Now, I am a very proud African American woman and my friend is white. Yes. I'm black. She's white. There is no problem there. What ticked me off was that when I expressed concern about the video, she said "WELL, sometime in the future 2015 or something my people will be the minority and yours will be the majority."

I am sorry, first of all, for making you feel bad when I said that it didn't make me feel better. Frankly, (though I know this is no excuse) I was tired, I am STILL sick, and we all know I have a terrible temper when it comes to things like this. I apologize. I didn't mean to upset you.

I don't want one "Race" to take over another. That would only cause more hate. Look at us now. There are more whites in the U.S. than blacks, and I won't get into statistics. Whites take advantage of that sometimes. Why on EARTH would you ask a PRESIDENT to prove he's a U.S. citizen?

Did you ask Lincoln?




That infuriated me.

What infuriates me MORE is that MY PEOPLE, black people try to make it seem like "white" crimes against our race makes it fine to attack them!

"Well, white boy got swag." "Is it because I'm black?"

Excuse me? Why can't someone white have "swag"? Do you even know what that is? Look it up on the urban dictionary:

Swag; Appearance, style, or the way he or she presents them selves.



So some white people are pasty. WELL, SOME BLACK PEOPLE LOOK LIKE CHARCOAL.

And you know what else?


Do you know what a "Nigger" is?

An ignorant person.





I know my friend was not trying to upset me, but it DID upset me.

Why should someone have to say something bad about their color to make someone of a different color feel better?

We're all just people.

So I'm caramel colored, and my friend calls herself "pasty". Does having "color" make me more beautiful?


So a black guy dumps a black girl and ends up marrying a white chick.

You know what that "sistah" will say among her friends?

"He dumped me for some white b*tch!"

What does her being white have to do with anything?

I'm African American. BETTER, I'M BLACK. BLACK BLACK BLACK. I speak in full sentences without a curse word, the word "nigga" and I don't speak with a "Drawl"- not saying that people who do speak with one are unintelligent. I like white guys, Asian guys, Hispanic guys, AND black guys.




They're men. MEN. Their backgrounds may be different, but they're all MEN. They all get erections, they all have hobbies, and they all can PICK a part of a girl (sometimes boy) that they think is "sexy".

Come on.

I could go on all day about more, but do you know what pissed me off the most?

The fact that someone taped it.

Taped it.

The comments below that video that started this whole rant made me want to scream. I have been ITCHING to scream at someone since ANOTHER friend of mine made a card about Christianity and "what she didn't like about it". I respect the way she thinks, but frankly? You put all of that up and expect ME not to say anything about it?

And well, I didn't.

So I blew up on this instead.

Better choice, ne?


And I'm black, Christian, hate rap and love rock music, love anime, and you know what else?

I'm writing a book.

And it's not about rape.

Do you know the best part?

Because I'm so literate and come from a good household, plus my likes of rock and anime, not to mention my "caramel" skin color and last name, people always ask me if I'm Puerto Rican. Of course, they always factor in the fact that I "don't talk like a black person".

Don't get me started on how I want to rant about that.