Name's Hime! Nice to meet you. I'm a black, queer, feminist author who's taking a semester or two away from college.

I am a born again Christian so I don't like Jesus-bashing or religion bashing. :P Take it somewhere else. Thank you.

I'm also the creator or the RP Little Tokyo!
I am also a part of: The Otaku High RP

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I like to decorate so from time to time, I'll TOTALLY remodel. :D Don't be shocked. <3


We all know I love to write, but I've been going through the stuff (as far as fanfics) that I've written. They're all either Naruto or Naruto crossover. *deadpan* I LOVE Naruto, but I want to broaden my horizons a little bit. Sometimes I just feel as though so much goes on in the Naruto universe that it isn't hard to think of a good fanfiction idea in the end...but I want to try something new.

Any suggestions?



I took my extensions out! I MISSED MY NOT- AS- SHORT- AS- I -THOUGHT HAIR. XD But the glue that's still left in? IT IRKS ME. DX But other than that?....yeah, I love my hair. It's just as stubborn as I am. XD

Guess what, Jen? I'm almost done with your request 8D I'll get started on Inu's and Trish's soon, then my SSS's. *I feel sad I can't draw well* XD SO YAY! I'M ON that word spelled right?

Also, I'm going to be making two skins for Christmas. Should I do them when December starts or what, because I'm putting up the tree in my house this week (if my dad doesn't get all lazy on us and try to delay us)

And by the way, I don't like being shipped at the moment. .-. I'm kind of out of it lately. XD So I haven't talked to any Hosts other than my future Brother-in-law, Di-chan. lol SO NO SHIPPING UNLESS IT'S A LITTLE BIT ACCURATE XD

Any requests on what to put up on my RP world as far as characters?