Name's Hime! Nice to meet you. I'm a black, queer, feminist author who's taking a semester or two away from college.

I am a born again Christian so I don't like Jesus-bashing or religion bashing. :P Take it somewhere else. Thank you.

I'm also the creator or the RP Little Tokyo!
I am also a part of: The Otaku High RP

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I like to decorate so from time to time, I'll TOTALLY remodel. :D Don't be shocked. <3

Day 27

27. A manga you would never buy That's another tough-y. Actually, I think Reborn! would be it. Not only has my brother taken "charge" of that series, even though I love it, I'm still at the beginning where it's QUITE goofy. I just wouldn't ...

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26. The last manga you read
LOL You mean time wise? I read Ao no Exorcist last night XDD And that's it. RIN and YUKIO <333 But no. I don't like yaoi. -.-




BTW, I looked at this thing and was like... "Why are there two 25's?....OMG XD"

Manga quiz day 25

25. The best manga oneshot
._. I wanted to say "Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth" but that's not a oneshot anymore, lol. I freaking love that spin off manga. XD I don't really read one shots otherwise.

If you haven't read it READ IT XD It's sooo funny. It gives an inside look at Team Gai. LOLZ AND THEY'RE ALL CHIBIS xDD


24. The best long manga series

I'm such a doooork. <33

Day 23

23. Best anime villain

You have to hate villains, right? Even though I hate most villains, none can compare to Father from FMA. MY GOSH. Not only did he get on my nerves, he was like...a GOD MOLD. DX HE ROCKED. XD
I would say Madara, but...meh. He just isn't up there yet. THOUGH HE CORRUPTED MY SASUKE EVEN FURTHER! D<

Ah well.