Name's Hime! Nice to meet you. I'm a black, queer, feminist author who's taking a semester or two away from college.

I am a born again Christian so I don't like Jesus-bashing or religion bashing. :P Take it somewhere else. Thank you.

I'm also the creator or the RP Little Tokyo!
I am also a part of: The Otaku High RP

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I like to decorate so from time to time, I'll TOTALLY remodel. :D Don't be shocked. <3


Birth month:
[ ] January - I kicked
[ ] February - I kissed
[ ] March - I touched
[X ] April - I crushed
[ ] May - I wacked
[ ] June - I stabbed
[ ] July - I attacked
[ ] August - I slapped
[ ] September - I scared
[ ] October - I punctured
[ ] November - I scratched
[] December - I hurt

Day of birth
[ ] 01 - Feliciano Vargas (Italy Veneciano/ N. Italy)
[X ] 02 - Ludwig (Germany)
[ ] 03 - Kiku Honda (Japan)
[ ] 04 - Alfred F. Jones (America)
[ ] 05 - Arthur Kirkland (England)
[ ] 06 - Yao Wang (China)
[ ] 07 - Ivan Braginski (Russia)
[ ] 08 - Francis Bonnefoy (France)
[ ] 09 - Matthew Wiliams (Canada)
[ ] 10 - Toris Laurinaitis (Lituania)
[] 11 - Eduard von Bock (Estonia)
[ ] 12 - Raivis Galante (Latvnia)
[ ] 13 - Lovino vargas (Italy Romano/ S. Italy)
[ ] 14 - Antonio Fernández Carriedo (Spain)
[ ] 15 - Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)
[ ] 16 - Feliks Łukasiewicz (Poland)
[ ] 17 - Heracles Karpusi (Greece)
[ ] 18 - Sadık Adnan (Turkey)
[ ] 19 - Tino Väinämöinen (Finland)
[ ] 20 - Berwald Oxenstierna (Sweden)
[ ] 21 - Vash Zwingli (Switzerland)
[ ] 22 - Peter kirkland (Sealand)
[ ] 23 - Im Yong Soo (South Korea)
[ ] 24 - Roderich Edelstein (Austria)
[ ] 25 - Elizabeta Héderváry (Hungary)
[ ] 26 - Natalia Arlovskaya (Belarus)
[ ] 27 - Gupta Muhammad Hassan (Egypt)
[ ] 28 - Holy Roman Empire
[ ] 29 - Denmark
[ ] 30 - Iceland
[ ] 31 - Norway

Favorite Color: (In his/her)
[ ] Red - Eyes
[ ] Orange - Legs
[ ] Yellow - Head
[ ] Green - chest
[] Blue - "Vital Regions"
[ ] Turquoise - Knee
[ ] Violet, or Purple - Arms
[X ] Pink - Heart
[ ] Brown - Feet
[ ] Gray - Eyebrows
[ ] Black - Butt
[ ] White - Nose

Zodiacal Sign: (With a)
[ X] Aries - Plush
[ ] Taurus - Spoon
[ ] Geminis - Book
[ ] Cancer - Tortoise
[ ] Leo - Fork
[ ] Virgo - Bucket
[ ] Libra - Shoe
[ ] Scorpio - Scissors
[] Sagittarius - Pillow
[ ] Capricorn - Cup
[ ] Aquarius - Fish
[ ] Pisces - Knife

Color of the shirt you're wearing (with because):
[ ] Red - I'm insane
[ ] Orange - I like squirrels
[ ] Yellow - I wanted to
[ ] Green - It was my destiny
[ ] Blue - My mother told me to
[ ] Turquoise - I love pasta!
[] Violet, or Purple - I'm bored
[ ] Pink - I'm a princess
[ ] Brown - I love Chocolate
[ X] Gray - I'm very sad
[ ] Black - I'm emo
[ ] White - I like it
[ ] None - I'm invisible

I crushed Germany's heart with a plush because I am sad.





Okay, I know I suck at dancing, or at least, I've had no real training or anything and people tell me things which I have realized is not always the best thing to listen to because some people told me my writing was crap.... and I have dance choreography this semester.
I joined....because I thought I would learn how to dance...

._. Also, I am making a Durarara! fic (That's what's been the Private thing in your backrooms. I keep updating it) which is giving me a hard time. It's upsetting me actually.

OH, and I LOVE Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu even though it is one of the most perverted things I've ever seen XDDD because it's freaking hilarious. Here's the ending song to the second season:

*_* I think I' a big J-Pop fan...almost as big as I am I'm a little upset that good music is a little more scarce in America. D:

AND I'M LEARNING FRENCH! WHOO HOO! It's not as hard as I thought, and I took Spanish (and aced it) before.




WAIT A MINUTE. I was supposed to put a picture, right?

<3 jk

Bwahaha. <3

I guess my summer vacation is...over...

Yeah. If any of you have played Kingdom Hearts 2 that's what Roxas says at the end of his "journey". Well, my summer vacation really does end today. SADNESS.
I go back to school tomorrow. D: Worst of all, I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED MY SUMMER READING! *actually, that's because I found out at ORIENTATION of all places. I mean come on. They say they'll post it online, I checked all summer, and suddenly something appears 5 days before we go back. VERY FUNNY.*

I'll be a Junior tomorrow. :D Soon I'll have to start touring colleges and stuff...taking the SAT...ACT...


Fortunately, I can probably get a job this year, and I'm hoping to make some more friends to make up for the seniors I lost. ;_; SO yeah. XD;;;;


But I actually am kinda excited. :D I wonder if the boys will be cuter this year...



Narutard Meme

How to Tell if you’re a Narutard. Mark the ones you agree with/ apply to you.
Add up your score. <3

[ ] You own a Naruto headband.
[ ] For each village.
[ ] You’re mad I didn’t call it by its proper name “hitai-ate”
[X] You don’t have one but you WANT one.
[X] If you hear someone say “Believe it” you giggle.
[X] It’s actually “-ttebayo” or “dattebayo”.
[X] Any “emo” you see is classified as a “Sasuke”
[X] Long haired people have “Neji hair”.
[X] If people ask your ambition, you reflexively say “To be the Greatest Hokage!”
[X] There is a difference between NaruSasu and SasuNaru.

[X ] Ramen is the most important meal of the day.
[X ] You have a crush on (or) are married to one of the characters.
[X ] And you have children.
[X ] You only write fanfictions about Naruto.
[ ] They’re mostly lemons.
[X ] Hiruzen is probably the biggest badass in the series.
[X ] Even though he’s dead.
[X ] Who else pops up in a freaking filer and talks?
[X ] Plot-No-Jutsu is the cause of everything.
[X ] You cry when you hear Aqua Times’ “Mayonaka no Midnight” because you saw the trailer for Naruto with that song playing in the background.
Total: 9

[X ] You poke people’s foreheads to show you’re better than them.
[X ] And say, “Sorry (Name), this is it.”
[X ] You still want to know what’s under Kakashi’s mask.
[X ] He’s still sexy, even though no one can see anything under there.
[X ] Eye bleeding = Uchiha
[X] Being late means you just got lost on the path of life.
[X ] Or a black cat crossed your path.
[X ] Or an old lady needed help crossing the street….

Total: 8

[X ] It’s NARUTO, not “Naru-to”.
[X ] Not a boy? Not a girl? It’s a Deidara.
[X ] Or is it a Haku?
[ ] He’s taken by Sasori, by the way.
[ ] Who’s been cheating on him with Sakura…
[X ] Sakura + Big Boobs= The worst fan art you’ve ever seen.
[ ] Sasuke really loves Sakura.
[ ] He just won’t admit it.
[X ] And he’d kill her before he tells her….

Total: 5

[X ] You know how to do a “Toad Sage Dance”
[X ] You perform it whenever you hear “Jiraiya’s Theme”.
[ X] You have Jiraiya’s theme on your MP3 and/or iPod.
[ X] You say “OH HO HO!” when you see something you find attractive.
[ X] You have character theme songs on your iPod.
[ ] All of them.
Total: 5

[X ] Hearing “I will do my best!” makes you think of a green jumpsuit.
[X ] It’s “Shika! Don’t go into the meadow!” Instead of, “Bambi! Don’t go into the meadow!”
[X ] Speaking of Shikamaru, “What a Drag” is the perfect thing to say when you don’t feel like it.
[X ] It’s actually “Troublesome”, since you watch the Japanese version.
[X ] You would murder your entire clan for a Klondike bar.
[X ] David Bowie is Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura’s teacher.
[X] Except he’s not.
[X ] You know all the words to “Training Ninjas” by LittleKuriboh from Naruto Abridged.

[X ] You have the whole Naruto series in your house.
[X ] And plushies.
[X ] You also make them talk.
[X ] Orochimaru is Michael Jackson.
[X ] You know how to say “I need Sasuke’s body” in Spanish.
[ ] Or any other language.
[ ] You cosplay as Naruto characters.
[ ] Every year.
Total: 5

[X ] Whenever you see the Joker, you think of Hidan.
[X ] Art is always a bang.
[ ] Your favorite colors are orange, blue, black, and white.
[X ] You search toy stores for little blue balls, just so you can yell, “RASENGAN!”
[X ] Bonus points if it’s a big ball. Then you can shout, “ODAMA RASENGAN!”
[X ] You complain about Naruto being on Disney XD and you still watch it.
[X ] And record it every week.

[X ] When someone raises their hand in class, you think, “Be gone…with the Thunder Clap!”
[X ] When you hear “judgment” you think of Pain.
[X ] When you watch other anime you think of them cosplaying as Naruto characters.
[X ] Especially Kurosaki Ichigo. He would be Naruto.
[X ] Too much eyeliner? Must have the Shukaku.
[X ] It’s not Gaara of the Sand, it’s Gaara of the Funk.
[X ] You know who Tenten is.
[X ] And you can RP as her.
Total: 8

[X ] You know Naruto hand signs.
[ ] Enough to form Jutsu.
[X ] You play Pockie Ninja.
[ ] Every day.
[X ] You own at least three Naruto video games.
[X ] You can RP as Naruto.
[X ] Perfectly.
[X ] You can count how many naked men Sasuke has been around.
[X ] Zetsu counts.
[X ] You notice that all of the women around Sasuke have been flat chested and wonder if he’d fall for Tsunade.
[ ] So you write fanfiction about it.
Total: 8

[ ] You avoid drinking alcohol so you can avoid going into a “Loopy Fist” rage.
[X ] You shout “CHAAAAA!” when you’re about to punch someone.
[X ] You realize how much Vegeta sounds like Gaara.
[X ] You can point out the Naruto voice actors in every anime/ cartoon.
[X ] You realize that Naruto’s eye color is darker in the anime than it is in the manga.
Total: 4

[X ] Eight Sword Style can only be done by Killer Bee.
[X ] Only a black anime character could ever take out Sasuke.
[X ] You add “-No-Jutsu” to everything.
[X ] You have Naruto T-Shirts.
[ ] Custom Made.
[X ] You are/were hooked on NaruSasu/SasuNaru, ItaSasu, SasoDei, etc at some point.
[ ] Yuri also counts.
[X ] F*cking Nar-rators!
[X ] I’ll get you back….. somehooooooowww!
[X ] You realize that only a true Narutard could make this, and mentally tip your hat to them.

Total: 8

1 to 30- You’re not a Narutard. Not yet.
31 to 53- Half and half. You know quite a bit, don’t you?
54 to 82- W-Well…I didn’t know you liked it so much…
83 or Higher – YOU NARUTARDED FOOL! Congrats! You’re practically part of the series! Well, you probably knew that already, with all of the fanfiction you write… Now stop making out with your ninja boyfriend!

81 XD On my own tag. Impressive. Obsessive. Scary. XD



Borders is closing! *SOB* The good really do die young... Borders is YOUNGER THAN MY MOM. COME ON. Now where am I going to buy all of my books? I have no credit card, so I can't get things online... THIS IS TERRIBLE. WHERE AM I...

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