Name's Hime! Nice to meet you. I'm a black, queer, feminist author who's taking a semester or two away from college.

I am a born again Christian so I don't like Jesus-bashing or religion bashing. :P Take it somewhere else. Thank you.

I'm also the creator or the RP Little Tokyo!
I am also a part of: The Otaku High RP

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I like to decorate so from time to time, I'll TOTALLY remodel. :D Don't be shocked. <3


I have deserted this world.


I should also change the background. I'm getting tired of that picture. Dang. Now I have to go pic hunting...Any suggestions? I love TONS of different animes and I usually don't decorate it with a certain series because it slipped my mind, even if I'm a major fan...but my "default" will probably always be Naruto. Heehee~<3

On another note, I should start writing my 320 word essay for "Why French is the Future", which is no skin off of my back, but I'm really just stuck on, "French? Seriously?" I mean sure, it's one of the two recognized languages in the something or other and is the fastest growing language other than English, but COME ON. I've never heard anything so impressive about French before...

My other option is to make a poster about it, and sadly, though I have the poster board already, I suck at making masterpieces. I'm still in training and my sense with art? YUCK. XD I'm soo much better at writing, and 320 words is SO easy. lolz

SO, I was thinking on making it K-On! What do you guys think? XDDD



*swirls in circles*

Sooo yeah. It's no secret I can't dance well. XD I can sing, write and act, but I can't dance. It's one of my many flaws. LOL But anyway, I take Dance Choreography at my school and the final will be choreographing our own dance to our own music *I AM SOMEWHAT AFRAID THAT WE HAVE THAT CHOICE BECAUSE I KNOW SOME GOOD ANIME THEMES THAT WOULD BE GOOD WITH DANCES and I'M KINDA BAD AT KNOWING HOW MY BODY MOVES* so I'm taking notes in my head as we go. The teacher is one I had Frosh year for Bio *and I love her and respect her a WHOLE lot more than most do* and she's AWESOME.

But I'm so scared and under confident. xD;;;;; IF IT WAS SINGING, I WOULD BE OKAY. But I did the singing thing last year. SADNESS. Ah well. I've been trying to try new things to see if I can expand my interests. I ALREADY KNOW I WANT TO MAJOR IN PSYCHOLOGY! <3 *is only a Junior* xD

Other than that, I've really been making progress on my novel(s). I like working on more than one so that when I need a break from one, I'll work on the other *or short stories that fill in info for me* <3

All is well where I am! GOD IS GOOD! XD But He's always good, no matter what, ne?


*leaves at note that says:


~Hime *


Fill out EVERYTHING. People may be surprised.
There are no tallies, just answer the questions, but think hard about them. Remember, if you don't tell the truth, there's no point.

Tell me a truth about you and your best friend: She's probably one of the best friends I've ever had. >~< Especially because she's not fake.
Tell me a truth about your job: I don't have one. XD But I'll choose being a big sister. I'm always taken for granted...and then when I want to do something, everyone calls me I've learned to keep myself quiet about what I want.
Tell me a truth about your dream: I feel like it would be justice for it to come true. I mean, come on. I always get the short end of the stick.
Tell me a truth about your lover/bf-gf: Don't have one.
Tell me a truth about a crush (if you couldn't fill out the one above): Don't have one.
Tell me a truth about your family: I love them, but I've been considering colleges far away from home for the sole purpose of being away from them. They make me feel like so much less. >~< What am I, Cinderella?

Truth about yourself: I always put myself into someone else's shoes. So when people ask me if there's someone I hate, I can't really answer. Maybe that makes me nice. ._.
Truth about your best friends (two): Casa confuses me. .-. Sometimes she's like my older sister, then other times she's like my younger sister. Then I forget how old I am. XDDD
Justin...truthfully, I didn't think I'd ever get along with Justin, but he makes me laugh- even though sometimes I may suddenly dip into a "mature" mood. Which is weird. XD
Truth about a sibling:...which to choose? I have four...
My youngest sister is very mature...but not as mature as she thinks...and she gets angry when I tell her that. Why can't people understand that it's not as fun to grow up as people think?
If not a sibling, truth about an ALMOST sibling: I did the other one. xD
Truth about the worst movie you ever said you saw: There are a lot of terrible movies I've seen. Truth is, I was pretty optimistic about all of them.
Truth about the life you live now: I'm content.
Truth about the life you lived before: I'll compare HS life with MS life: There are bigger problems, more homework, and things are more complicated. Yeah...I think I liked my other life better. XD
Your real age: *Sings* I am 16, going on 17~
Your real Name: Hime J DaSilva. XDD As far as you know.
One thing you hate about yourself: I think too much about everything...and when I get mad, I REALLY get mad.
One thing you love about yourself: *looks at the tag* Holy crap, I'm a really nice person! XDDD

I kinda liked it. LOL

Otaku Meme....................

1. How long have you been an anime fan?
4 years, but this will be the 5th.

2. What was your first anime?
Anime? Ummm....Naruto? No wait...I started FMA. Then Naruto.

3. What was your first manga?
Inuyasha XD it was an Ani-Manga.

4. What is your favourite anime? Why?
I have to say it's Baka to Test to Shojkanjuu, or OHSHC. No matter how many times I watch Ouran, I laugh and love it, and Baka to Test is just...*dies laughing* I can watch those over too. And they aren't just mindless drabble.

5. What is your favourite manga? Why?
Naruto XDD It has such a great plot, and the character development is something I like learning from. Plus, I love the art, and it's not always serious. <3

6. What is your favourite manga genre? Why?
Me? I think I mostly love Romantic comedies, only because my second pic would be something like there's a romance element, but it's like...a good plot. Like Naruto....or KHR! and stuff. Why?
Because I love LOVE. XDDD
Besides, nothing is perfect, and the comedy part of the romance shows that. Besides...KAWAIIIIIIII XDDD

7. How much have your manga tastes changed since you first started watching anime?
None of them have...well, except for that rough path I had with being into Yaoi...*it was SasuNaru/NaruSasu* but I gave that up. That's about it.

8. What anime/manga have you been obsessed with over the years? Do you still like it?

9. Do you prefer more mainstream manga or less popular manga?
It doesn't matter to me. I just look for things that fit my tastes. I have read Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater and KHR, but I also like reading things like High School Debut, Papillion, Yurara, Lovely Complex, etc, etc. OH, AND TAIL OF THE MOON! I loved that. XD *will collect it*

10. What is your favourite anime/manga character?
...Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Tsunade, Kakashi Hatake, Ichigo Kurosaki, Dino Cavallone, Tsunayoshi Sawada, Spirit, Stein, Yuuko Ichihara (XXXHolic), Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, Killer Bee, Misaki Ayuzawa, USUI TAKUMI, England, Japan, America, Romano, Spain and many more. XDD So many more. XD

11. Do you have an anime/manga crush? If so, who?
Sasuke Uchiha. XD Don't laugh or call me a rabid fangirl. I really just...I understand how he feels. Of course, that doesn't stop me from thinking he's a TOTAL idiot right now. but yeah. I love that kid. And I feel so sad for him...

12. Do you have a favourite anime/manga pairing? If not, make something up
Hmm...not really. Unless it's shojo, I don't like pairing people up. It just makes me...IDK. It messes me up.

13. Do you like reading/writing fanfics?
I LIKE WRITING FANFICS! But they don't always have an OC in them. I usually just use the characters in different scenarios and such. I do like reading some. Others...people make characters so OOC. What's the point of using Itachi if he's totally OUT there?

14. Do you like drawing/looking at fanart? If so, for what manga, or does it not matter?
I do like drawing and looking at fanart, but mostly it's because I want to improve my technique. I used to like drawing Sasuke, but I realized that made him easy to draw for me, so I'm moving on to another character, like Naruto, who is VERY hard. Plus I love blondes. >.>

15. What is your favourite song in an anime (it can be background music or OP/ED songs)?

Lovers From Naruto
Blue From Bleach
Rain from FMA
Jap from Sengoku Basara
Kimi + Nazo = Watashi no JUMP! from Baka to test to Shokanjuu Season 2
Sentimental Genernation from School Rumble Season 2
CORE PRIDE from Ao no Exorcist
In my World from Ao no Exorcist *second opening*
Shiver from Kuroshitsuji
No Thank You! from K-On!
Ichirin no Hana from Bleach
Bomb a Head from Tenjou Tenge
Motteka! Sailor Fuku from Lucky Star
Resonance from Soul Eater
Uragiri no Yuuyake from DRRR!
Yuragu Koto Nai Ai from Get backers
Dramatic from Big Windup
Paper moon from Soul Eater
Perfect Area Complete! from Baka to Test to Shokanjuu
And more.... *gots them on her iPod*

16. What is your least favourite anime/manga? Why?
Bobobobobobobobo, SAILOR MOON *though I'm giving it another try for Inu*, and...Kage Tora.
Bobo didn't make sense, Sailor Moon annoyed me, and Kage Tora...he fell in love with the girl too fast. I ruined it for me.

17. What is your favourite video game? Why?
Kingdom Hearts Series, NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 1 & 2 *is getting generations* and...Street fighter. OH, AND MARVEL VS CAPCOM. I love fighters. XDDD

18. What is your favourite kind of videogame?

19. What is your favourite anime movie?
Hm. I would say "Naruto Shippuden: Bonds" but that would only be because Sasuke didn't keep his shirt on for 5 minutes...I would have to say...Paint it White! (Hetalia) or Conqueror of Shambala. (FMA)

So yah.




I don't want to blabble because I dislike sounding like an airhead this will be so hard... but I did want to post today.
I feel so tired...>~<;;; I'm going to take a nap soon. My mom says my body's giving out on be because I'm exhausted. Reaction:


I haven't even been able to depresses me...HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FINISH WRITING THAT STUPID NOVEL BEFORE I TURN 17 AND SLACK OFF? I can't. DUR.

My eyes hurt and I'm hungry... ;w; Plus...MY CHECHE WENT OFF TO COLLEGE! SADNESS.

Actually, I'm glad she's having fun so far. <3 But...I like having her to myself. XD

....go away........

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