New Villa

"Wow Magenta! You got a villa?" exclaimed Noah.

"Yup!" She replied with a grin.

"I'm gonna go tell everyone!" Noah smiled and darted off. Magenta, knowing guests would arrive in any minute, decided to splash up her place with a little furniture. She ordered a bed and a sofa, just for the moment.

Then, the door rang. At the door was Lucas, coming in quickly. Magenta remembered back to the partnership in Jubilife, and the moment she met him, in Twinleaf Town. He had grown so much since then. They were both 17 now, and then they were only 14.

"Um, Magenta, Will you-" Lucas was interupted by the doorbell- more guests. her mind gnawed at the unfinished question.

The guests came in- first was Noah, followed by the male gym leaders, all snazzed up in classy button up shirts. Then came the female gym leaders, all in skirts or dresses. They looked great. Finally, the pokemon league came. Like the gym leaders, they were all dressed up. She hadn't noticed that Noah and Lucas were wearing nicer clothes than even the fancy gym leaders. Lucas looked great.

Lucas avoided Magenta. When they did see each other, Magenta's heart fluttered. It happened all the time when she saw him. But only Noah knew she had had a heart throbbing crush on him since the day they met at Lake Verity. But Noah also knew Lucas's secret. He had a crush back. But neither knew the other one's crush.

The party died down, one by by one the visitors left, each complementing Magenta on her new villa. All left except Lucas.

"I really like your villa. Wish I had a place like this. I'd-" Once more Lucas was cut off.

"Do you want to stay here, you know, on the other half?" Magenta pointed across to the other side of the room.

"Um, well, Of course! Why wouldn't I want to room with my best girl friend- friend thats a girl, well you know." Lucas babbled.

"Okay- go get some stuff from home, I'll order your bed and a room divider to split the room. When you get back I may be in my pajamas so don't be surprised." Magenta handed Lucas the spare key. She looked up- his eyes were the same beautiful blue pools of crystal as they were the countless times she'd become lost in them. Before she let go of the key, she conjered up the courage to say something.

"You have really pretty eyes." Lucas blushed. He was about to say the same thing to Magenta.

"I was about to say the same thing to you- but thanks." With that he was off.

Once Lucas was gone, Magenta changed into the pajamas her mom got her for a prank on her 17th birthday. But she liked them a lot, and she just hoped they weren't too flirty for Lucas. She didn't want to seem like a flirt.

There was a knock at the door. Lucas came in. Seeing Magenta in her pajamas, he blushed, his heart fluttered, and he felt more in love than ever.

"Wow- your pajamas are so nice. You look great in them." Now they were both blushing.

He put on his pajamas, arranged his furniture, and helped Magenta put up the divider.

They watched TV on the small couch, sitting next to each other.

That's when Lucas asked the question.

"Magenta?" Lucas mumbled.

"Yeah Lucas?" her heart flipped with excitement. Maybe it was the question she had so eagerly wanted to know before.

"Do you maybe want to go out?" Lucas asked nervously. Magenta's heart skipped a beat. Yes, yes yes! she thought.

"Yes!" she exclaimed. A great weight was lifted off Lucas. He smiled as he put his arm around Magenta, finally knowing she was his girl. He looked at the time. They needed to get some sleep if Lucas was going to beat the Battle Brains tomorrow, and Magenta was going to battle the gym leaders at the battle palace.

He smiled and blew a kiss to Magenta as he pulled the divider to the side. She playfully caught it and climbed under the new canopy bed she ordered that same day. That night they both had dreams of each other, and even faint blurry dreams of a wedding.