Just Because of a Day at Lunch

It was just a normal day at lunch, in between algebra blocks, and Song was sketching out a picture of Cheddar, her crush, and her. Every now and again, she would take a sip of her water, not tuned in to the rest of the world. Thats why she didn't notice anyone behind her.
"Is that me?" Cheddar said, pointing to the manga boy resembling himself.
"Possibly," Song giggled, her day made better by just seeing him, "Do you want it to be?"
"Well," Cheddar paused, "maybe."
They talked for the rest of lunch, and eventually their classes had to leave. Song was floating on air the rest of the day. When she got home, she changed into her sweat pants to just relax. Before she threw her grey skinny jeans into the wash, she noticed a note, in her pocket.
How did this get here? she wondered. It read: 'Text me - C' So she did.
Hey! I got your note lol Before she knew it, her phone's call screen read 'Cheddar'.
They talked until midnight, and right before Song's grandfather clock struck midnight exactly, Cheddar asked her out.
Their date, which Song obviously agreed to, was to the Downtown Ice Cream vendor. It had been a part of both's pasts. They walked through the park, and ordered at the 'New York' style vending cart.
"I'll take the two scoop mint chocolate waffle cone," Cheddar ordered and paused, "and she'll take the one scoop wedding cake waffle." He ordered for her just to be romantic. Her spine got chills as her kissed her cheek and told her he knew it was her favorite. It was.
As they sat on the park bench, finishing off the most romantic ice cream cones they would ever have, they talked about the vending cart. As they soon discovered, they both absolutely adored NYC. Each planned their dream life, and they were quite frighteningly similar.
That evening, Cheddar walked his sweet girl, Song, home. Her parents were glad to meet him, and her family seemed to like him alot.
For their next date, Song got to pick. She picked the library, just to have a classic 'study' date. They met at the library in once again, downtown. They just loved the atmosphere of the city. Song noticed Cheddar had two large notebooks with him. She brushed the thought aside, knowing he might have had homework. At the library, Song planned to work on her latest love story, A Night Beneath the Stars for her friend Jaxxi. Cheddar pulled out the large notebook marked II, and began to write quite rapidly. She would occasionally glance over his notebook to see what he was so avidly writing, but he always covered it up with his arm.
This patterned continued on, and Song had almost finished to the climax of her story. Cheddar had looked up and had read through the piece he had written, or atleast what Song thought was a piece.
"Would you like to read my latest chapter now?" Cheddar said, to break the silence.
Of course she did, and it was amazing. At the end of the chapter, in small scribbled handwriting, it said: I love you.
She looked up. His beautiful blue eyes twinkled like stars. Hers watered, and a tear fell down her face. Cheddar immediately was concerned, and rushed over to embrace her.
"Do you hate it?" he said, his face dropping.
"No. I'm just sad because I can't think of any way to tell you I love you too." she replied. She just did.
"Now that we're finished, can I walk you home? I have something to talk to you about." Cheddar asked. Song agreed. Her mind kept gnawing at the last statement. What did he need to say? She kept quiet, hoping she would soon find out.
"so, I said I wanted to tell you something."
"Yeah," Song replied, her hopes rising again.
"Do you, want to go to homecoming with me?" he asked, blushing.
"Of course!" Song replied. They walked out of the library holding ands, and went to a dress store. They spent hours picking out a dress and matching tuxedo. They eventually landed on a dazzling navy bluem which looked great on both of them. They bought the outfits, and cheddar walked Song home.
In the following weeks before homecoming, the couple, as they adressed it now, were inseperable. They constantily spen time with each other, and always snuggled. Then came homecoming. That night, Song's two best friends, Jaxxi and Skittles came over and got ready together


So, as you all can kinda tell, I've been gone for a while. I just haven't gotten around to going on. well here's what has changed in my life:
We gave Tilly back and now we have a new horse, Oliver.
I asked Cheddar out the last day before Christmas break, and he said he'd think about it. He said he was still thinking about it When we came back, but he was leaning towards no, and that he might not. So I told him I changed my mind and that if it took that long to decide what was probably gonna be no, then I don't thinks its worth it. I found out he likes this one girl, so I'm glad I didn't go out with him then he likes someone else. So that crush is down the drain. I still like him though. And, of course its a new year, and I also got a pen tablet for christmas and Corel Painter 4.0 (?) and i've been drawing henrik and his twin brother Wilhelm semi chibi. You know, my brother HEnrik? Same one. But now he has a brother. I've also been drawing some pictures of my made up fantasy island, called Ile De Lennui (Island of Boredom) and its sad to see how happy they were before break then how morbid they are now. Um... Thats kinda it. Oh yeah, I'm in an honor choir for school. thats pretty good. I've been in it almost every year except one since 5th grade. I am still pretty sad about the whole Cheddar drama, but I still like him (not as much) and now me and my friends are making a single club D: and thats it.


So. Bob told Cheddar. This is the story Jaxxi told me.
Cheddar walks up to Jaxxi at her locker this morning:
"Bob eh.. told me something."
Jaxxi: "what?"
Cheddar: "You're friend Song likes me."
Jaxxi (lying of course): " I don't know, she never tells me who she likes because of an event."
And then at lunch, just as happy as ever, Cheddar (at this point jaxxi just told me)
"Hi Song!!!" Really excited.
I want to think it means something, but of course it doesn't.
I want to think because of all that, he likes me.
But he doesn't.
I don't know for sure he doesn't, but he probably doesn't like me. All my friends are like "Well he probably said that more excited than usual because maybe he thinks you like him."
And I do. Oh I do soo very much. But
he probably doesn't like me.
Jaxxi is going to tell him Monday morning:
"So I found out who SOng likes."
And then she'll say
"She likes you, but don't hate her or think she is a freak because she does, if you don't like her."
So I think its a good plan.
It saves our friendship.
What little of one we had.
He doesn't like me.
I can always hope,
but he doesn't
I wish he did
but he doesn't
unless he does,
but I don't think he does.
In my mind, because I like him,
I think there is a hope.
But there probably isn't
I imagine going to the movies together,
but we probably won't
because he proabaly doesn't like me
He hasn't. Maybe that means he doesn't like me.
But Jaxxi said she didn't know to him.
I drew a picture because Bob makes me want to cry.
Bob:"Cheddar wants to talk to you!"
Later right before I left
: "He found out, but I didn't tell him."LIAR
Does that mean he was going to ask me out.
I'll stop babbling now.
I wish he would ask me out.


Okay, do y'all remember Tilly, the horse we drove five hours to see?
Well weve seen plenty of horses since her, two being great but one had medical issues (Jack) and the laest one wouldnt sell her horse, well MY MOM BOUGHT TILLY FOR US!

Sock Baboon

I'm making a sock mandrill/baboon. I'll see if I can post pictures.