Diamond Box

The strings to my heart are here...
inside of me,
but no one can get to them.
Why you ask?
For they are encased in a diamond box.
You can not get to them
for the diamond is there,
there is one way though,
so do not fret.
All you have to do is find the diamond keys.
Be for warned,
the keys are elusive ones though;
for they hide in the darkest parts of the mind,
with the flames of ice.
There is no knowing of exactly where they are,
you just have to wait and see,
but I will give you one hint though.
Think well and hard for its for the keys:
One key is with the hidden,
the other,
you have to search your own heart.
Hurry though,
the diamond box is a ruthless one,
it will soon suffocate the one encased.
So you must hurry...
The heart's a wait'n.