True pain

The heart is a fragile thing
yet it's link to darkness is quite addicting
Soaking it in, dispersing it to the world
Bringin the souls of men to meet the prince of the underworld
Letting all who see it, feel it's true pain
All the horror and yet nothing to gain
From life, or from death
It will never feel its hazy breath
To let something go, as if it will ever come back
You'll never escape the darkness if you continue to slack
The horror of the past
Haunts us to everlast
The time in which we know
The time that grows ever slow
Sometimes we focus, We Focus on the dim light
The light you cant reach, even with all your might
So the dakness slumbers, in each of our hearts
Waiting to infect the world, and leave it all in the dark
Nothing to live for, nothing to gain
Now you can understand, my true pain.