This is My world of Poetry for the soul. all poetry featured in my world is written by me personally. if i do use anyone elses poetry then i will put the name of that person and a link for verification. I hope you enjoy my poetry. ^^

True pain

The heart is a fragile thing
yet it's link to darkness is quite addicting
Soaking it in, dispersing it to the world
Bringin the souls of men to meet the prince of the underworld
Letting all who see it, feel it's true pain
All the horror and yet nothing to gain
From life, or from death
It will never feel its hazy breath
To let something go, as if it will ever come back
You'll never escape the darkness if you continue to slack
The horror of the past
Haunts us to everlast
The time in which we know
The time that grows ever slow
Sometimes we focus, We Focus on the dim light
The light you cant reach, even with all your might
So the dakness slumbers, in each of our hearts
Waiting to infect the world, and leave it all in the dark
Nothing to live for, nothing to gain
Now you can understand, my true pain.



People say it cant be done
People say i wont be # 1
People always try and get in my way
Why cant they just let me be free
I do my best,
In every thing i try
No one can tell me
That i cant touch the sky
Im undefeated
In life love and friends
Together with them
Im sure i'll make it to the end


The Fallen

Rain Falls from the cool night sky
Dripping & Dropping as time Slips by
Day by day, we search the earth
Hoping that we can receive some kind of rebirth
Rebirth of the Soul, Rebirth of ones Life
But no one understands, what it feels like to die
Emotionally or physically, the pain is the same
The memories fade away with the Drizzle of the rain
Life for us is death at best
You people dont know how much you're blessed
To hate one day then love another
To have something to relate to eachother
Life is to short for those of you that sleep
For us we wait, We wait to be reaped
The bringer of death is not yet so kind
He lets us wander until we lose our minds
Never to feel his hazy breath
Never to be set free, no comfort in death.
As the day turns to night
and the clouds begin to sullen
Remeber our names
We are the fallen.

Whispers to the Soul

As i sit alone in the dark
I feel no compassion, where is my heart?
I remember the days of old
The days before i lost my soul
Whispers and thoughts, over came good judgement
All of life was lacking a sense of balancement
My friends faded to dust
My own shadow began to rust
Time began to slow, to nothing but a creep
All of my emotions began to seep
Through my soul and out of my body
Hearing nothing but the sound of a sweet, sweet melody
For the rebirth of a soul
Ones spirit must be whole
For the spirit to be intact
Ones mind mustn't over react
The rebirth of a soul, is a tricky game
The loss of a soul, what a shame.
Soul eaters come, they come from all sides
To take away the precious soul you hide
They whisper to the soul, letting it know
That it'll be okay, it just has to let go.
Let go of the past, and let go of the memories
Let go of the emotions, and all its affinities.
Hold onto your soul with all your life
Dont be a fool and let your soul die.