This is My world of Poetry for the soul. all poetry featured in my world is written by me personally. if i do use anyone elses poetry then i will put the name of that person and a link for verification. I hope you enjoy my poetry. ^^

The Nightly Shadows

We are born into this world,
Sensitive to the light.
We grow in this world,
As we learn to fight.
Fight not each other,
But the demons inside.
We cling to the light,
For in the shadows they hide.
And when the moon blossoms,
In that deeply daunting sky.
The shadows grow immensely,
As our courage withers and dies.
Let the night take over,
Hear it's calm melody.
As death whispers in your ear,
"It's just you...and me".

Diamond Box

The strings to my heart are here...
inside of me,
but no one can get to them.
Why you ask?
For they are encased in a diamond box.
You can not get to them
for the diamond is there,
there is one way though,
so do not fret.
All you have to do is find the diamond keys.
Be for warned,
the keys are elusive ones though;
for they hide in the darkest parts of the mind,
with the flames of ice.
There is no knowing of exactly where they are,
you just have to wait and see,
but I will give you one hint though.
Think well and hard for its for the keys:
One key is with the hidden,
the other,
you have to search your own heart.
Hurry though,
the diamond box is a ruthless one,
it will soon suffocate the one encased.
So you must hurry...
The heart's a wait'n.

Red Herring Bird

Red Herring Bird

Blades are drawn,
cutes are made;
of love,
and greetings.
Some are just cuts,
none the less they both ooze red.
Greetings on wrist,
weight with love are up on legs.
Questions rise,
lies are made,
Red Herring takes flight.
"Come this way! Come this way!"
Squawked the Herring,
"Come this way! Come this way!"
echoed the people of the deceived.
Smack! Goes the herring against a tree.
Suddenly the people have realized they have been deceived.
They turn toward the girl,
with love, weight, and greetings appon her skin.
"How could you!? How dare you lie!"
Screamed the people.
The girl breaks down and cries
as they leave her one bye one with no good-byes.
The girl gets up with dead soul-less eyes,
she walks to the lake whispering her last fair-wells.
She closes her eyes as she falls in.
Her hair turns to moss,
her flesh turns into muck,
bones turn into fish,
her rest-less soul finally at peace,
at one with the water.

~wow, this is a very old poem i made back two months ago. what? i think two months is old for a poem! XD

I love the Sky

This is the Challenge winner poem called I Love the Sky. Written by

♥ CrimzonN3k0 z ♥

I love the sky

It's so pretty, but so very high

In the day it shines, and at night it twinkles

the clouds like cotton candy, the stars like sprinkles

When it's happy it shines, when it's sad it rains

But no matter the weather the sky will remain

The sky can also change it's colors from one to another

From red, grey, black or blue

it can whatever color it wants to

My secret B.F. I can't help but thinkin that your the best

So I'll see you later, until then

The sky was there is the begining

It'll be there in the end

As the Water Falls

As the water falls
we continue on with our day
never to let the rain
get in our way
The rain slowly falls from the sky
like little tears coming from the clouds
their life is too short
lasting for a short while
they are born in a storm
and fall to the earth
crashing down to the ground
with no hope of rebirth
As the water falls
We catch a glimpse of a lost soul
traped in the storm
never to let go.