" this the only lunch they have?" my sister askes, turning to me. I nodd slowly, restraining a laugh. she gags again. "i swear it blinked at me....." she complains again. i laugh quietly. Suddenly, a boy; about our age, walks by and she stops to stare, letting the food she was eating slip slightly out of her mouth. i look to, more curious than enticed. He had black hair, three white stripes on one side. he had blank looking yellow eyes. Mona was completely enveloped by him. I glanced back from him to her. she's never done this before, not for any man nor boy. he just didn't seem to have the same effect on me. then one of the two girls he was walking with--the taller one with longer hair--got into sort of and agruement with him. we couldn't hear it from where we were, untill she got to the point were she pointed out his three white lines (she said that loud enough for every one to hear)and he fell to the floor, sobbing. "im garbage, aysmyetrical-GARBAGE!! I'm dirty...!" he cried. "wow..." i muttered under my breath. "definatly a fruit-cake..." said a boy that i had not noticed sit next to me. i hollered. "what--who?!" i screeched. he smiled, showing his sharp teeth. "yep definatly." said a girl who sat across from him. he had spiked back silver/grey hair with a bandana tied around his head. she had mousy colored pony tails on both sides of her head. "are you going to eat that?" she asked the boy. "huh....? nah. you can have it Maka." he said smiling again. i swooned. this boy was having the same affect on me as the three-striped boy had on Mona. Mona (who had temporarily broken out of her trance) nudged me with her elbow. "what?" i said, completely confused. Mona giggled. And she continued to giggle, that is until the black haired boy decided to sit at our humble table. She shut up immediatly(sp?). "hello there. my name is Death the Kid." the three-striped boy announced. "h-h-hi..." Mona studdered. It was now my turn to giggle uncontrollably at her misfortune. "your name is death?" i asked, still giggling. "more or less." death answered apetheticly. "c-can i call you kid?" Mona asked blushing. he looked at her, still not seeming to care. he studied her, making her blush, and me uncomfortable. then he smiled. "of course." then he looked at me. he studied me the same way. then he scowled. "aysymetrical..." he muttered and looked away. "what...?" i asked. he must've meant my hair. i have a bang on one side that covers my left eye. kid scoffed at me then began eating. My eyebrow twitched in anger. My sisters hair is parted in the middle and comes down in equal lengths on the sides of her head, with two light brown streaks down the front parts. Two complete oposites. probably always will be. "hey, don't be so mean, yeah." the silver-headed boy said, grinning.