I CHALLENGE YOU... or was it dare

Because I'm a sh*t drawer I challenge you to do a comic based on my story stein's little prodigy. you don't have to but I dare you to

frustrated and my will is broken

Every time I try to draw anime. I suck and get frustrated at myself and wonder why I can't do it it. It makes me sad to feel like this and I feel broken down. I kinda Hate myself for not being able to put my ideas on paper. Why was I born witout drawing skills. *Yell in frustration*

Death gods and demons

Name: Karin Mizukemuri (Last name means mist over a body of water) Age: 15 Look: Black hair, purple eyes Weapon/Meister: Meister (Has a Kishin cross with a Shinigami soul) Personality: playful, cheeky, strong willed,...

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Sad face

I finally realised that I'll never be as good a drawer as some of the people on this website and other fanart websites. *Sigh* I need some major improving.But I know what I am good at... gaming and read mangas and watching anime and lastly... WRITING FANFICTION ABOUT SOUL EATER

Stein's little prodigy

Name: Lance Knight Age: 15 Look: Short red hair, red eyes, matrix jacket, hot pink singlet, black skirt, gun conected by a chain to her belt Weapon/Miester: Miester Weapon: artificial weapon (Pistol) Personality: Perv...

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