Intro: Soul Contract is my fictional story which crossover the manga of Naruto and Bleach. Ninja and Soul Reapers will meet to face new dangers and adventures as allies. Even though the two are on arguably equal terms, they will find themselves having question their loyalty and respect to one another.

Notes from Author:
Soul Contract was an idea I was given after someone commented on a picture I had made involving Shikamaru and Byakuya. There is no definite main character, familiar characters for sure and main characters for the specific chapter and I may give focus to one character in multiple chapters if it goes with the story. The narrative voice may change to the characters narrative, but I will aim to keep that for that whole chapter.

Chapters are short, but can sometimes be a bit lengthy. I will also aim to keep my writing style the same, but it may change due to a period of not writing or

I have a love for this story and hope to update it as much as I am able. I'm aiming to update it at least once per month. This is to entertain you readers and fans of Bleach and/or Naruto. Please comment and let me know what you think of the story and idea.

Notice: I will be on a break from this due to other things that will take my time. I have another story that I have to give my attention to.

3: You Look Familiar

Arriving at Asuma’s place, Shikamaru greets Kurenai who answers his uneager knock on the door. After some small talk, he sugar codes his distasteful case with thinking of Asuma as the main subject. Was it really in Asuma’s home wh...

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2: You See It Too?

The unknown attack that took place last night in the Village Hidden in the Leaves was leaving so many questions. Shikamaru had come back to the hospital to view the autopsy once again. As he continued, it was made clear that only he saw the ...

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1: Unknown Disturbance

What had seemed like a normal night in the Hidden Leaf Village was the beginning of a new era of darkness. A middle-aged man was seen running in a panic by two night guard ninjas. The two then asked him what was the problem, but it seemed as ...

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