Ok so this is my world! I love anima! Ilove to read draw n rite anima! When i say rite i mean i love makin comics n stuff lyk that! So if u share the same fellings as me please comment or tell me ways i could make my site better! Plz n thx u!

Heres a video i think a lot of black cat fans will lyk!

My Edited Bleach Art!!!

Lol well i edited this pic! I knw it looks wierd i used a neon outline Haha Enjoy!



Wizz is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!! I jus luv hm! Well enjoy!


Wanna knw more bout me!?

Ok let me tell u a little about myself
Im 15
Im 5'5 n a half
My birthday is 8/19/93!
I love to dress all colorful
I love to draw anime.My fav rite now would have to be...DNAngle! Oh Ya!
Idk how i even started reading it!
I mean i was jus looking at books n then i jus saw that one.
But i lyk how diasuke turns into dark n how Satoshi turns into Krad!
I think thats so kewl!
Lol i also lyk Naruto,Bleach n Black Cat!
The reson i lyk thoughs r because of the action!
In Bleach there r swords!
In Black Cat there r guns!
In Naruto there is jutsu's!
Haha well thoughs r just sum reasons i lyk thoughs 3 Books!
Ok now for the colors n cloths i lyk!
Lol my fave colors are Red black n Purple! Lol
I jus got a Black n Purple Jacket n a Red n Black Jacket!
I also love animals soooooooooooooooooooooo much!
I love to give the ppl i draw cat ears n a tail!
I lyk to give them alsorts of other parts 2!
Haha ok well if u want to knw nething specific jus coment n ask!
Plz n thank u!


Welcome to theOtaku!

I already have this one up on my profile but i jus want to welcome anyone thats new on theOtaku! Hope u lyk it!


He sits on Clouds!

I think Narutos so cute hear 2!