It hurts

This pain in my chest. Will it ever go away? Was it too much too soon? Will I ever know anything? What went wrong? Did I do something? Was it all my fault. I hope to be able to talk to you about my feelings and hope to make it where i can be friends with you.


Flaming Heart

Red like flames in my heart.
Burning brighter with each second.
Every time I think of you,
Is the time I love that flame.
Burning like a bright candle,
One that will never go out.
I never feel sad when I think of you.
Red like the flame of my heart,
Brighter & brighter with every beat.

My Spring Break

Well for the most part it sucked too long and stuff. I just hung out with my best friend and watched her play video games and stuff. That was half my break now it's friday and I have nothing better to do but sit and and read or play video games my self it sucks. Well monday'll be here before I know it and that's all that matters to me right now. *sighs* I'll get to talk to the guy I like then. Savi... *giggles*

Bloody Loneliness

Bloody screams feel my ears.
The pain I’ve been longing for to tear it from my body.
To feel the pressure of that tiny little hook pulling at my skin like a fish caught on it.
I love the feel, the pain of what makes me feel real.
I want to feel real, to feel alive.
That’s why pain is a necessity.
Looking down the blood is a puddle of beauty.
A life long lived and needs long gone.
To feel real and I’m wanted.
Loved by those who say they do and believe it.
The bloody mess at my feet moves and seems to smile back at me.
TO love and be loved is what I know I have.
Here in my bloody loneliness

I like a guy

I like this guy and sad thing is he thought I was a guy? Go figure lol. I just know if I want to tell him yet or wait and get to know him better. I know I'm posting this for him to find it and maybe say something about it who knows. I'm just afraid of getting rejected and internet relationships aren't the best though are they? Well if he figures out who i'm talking about that's cool too just i dn't know how to tell him just yet. so anyone willing to give advice that would be nice...