Loving Death

A crumbling world....
A collapsed hallway...
Everything will finally fall away..
We'll all soon be fading away

Every breath we take is one more closer to the last
Every step is another further from the past
A door we all must step through and leave our loved ones behind

We will remember the smiles and kisses from those taken from us..
Never let us go and never let us be forgotten
Keep us alive in your heart and always love us

Be not afraid of stumbling around without us
For we will always walk beside you..
You cannot see us but we will most see you
Do not ever fear...for I am always near..

Would you?

Here's one of two songs we wrote together. This is the one I have for the most part finished arranging. I know it on two instruments: Piano and rhythm guitar.

This is the guitar part. Capo 3 will change it from the key of A to the key of C. Except for the 3/4 bridge, this song is played in 4/4. I think I may have to record it after all.


Line 1:
If I told you that I loved you
Would you listen
The declaration you had wanted whispered
E F- D
Now letting go of all the tears I wimpered
The small flame you started in me
F- D
Is now Blazin'

A Asus2 D
If I captured your heart would you love me?
A Asus2 D
If I reached for your hand would you hold mine?
A Asus2 D
If I held out my arms would you hug me?
If I went for your lips would you kiss mine?

Line 2:
Every time I look into your eyes
Mine change hue
You keep slipping away quicker and quicker
E F-
The more you do the more it makes me sicker
Did you ever stop to think that
F- D
I love you


Is it possible for our hearts to combine?
I'm tossing and turning alone in my mind!
Convincing myself that you are too far
I'm all alone here inside of my heart

(weakly) Oh


A As4 D
Because it was you
F- F-s4 E
Letting your feelings slip through
A As4 E
I know it's true
F- F-s4 D
That you love me too


When I get a chance, I'll upload a video. After that, I have some of my own songs and that other song to work on.


I could tell you so many things that would frighten you
I could become a beast with no heart
I could break into a million pieces and shatter outwards
I could cut you with my words
I could harm myself
I could always cry
But I'm trying to be your strong girl
I don't know what to do
I don't know what I did
I don't know who I'm s'posed to be
Can't we just talk things out?
I want to give up
But doing so would be a crime....
To my heart
Why can't you see how much you mean to me?
How much I would give up for you
And yet with so few words you could make me stop to breathe
How come we can't talk?
How come I'm even writing this?
How come we mean so much to the other?
I love you and I miss you
You mean more to me than anything else has
I have so many things, yet I don't even know what they are yet
I have dreams I want to complete with you
There's just so many things...


The blood drips from my lengthened canines
This sweet crimson liquid slips down my throat like a fine wine
I smell the fear emanating within you
And it thrills me
For if you pick up a weapon and even try to use it
I could merely break you in half with the flick of a wrist
The mortals stare at me in curious wonder
As I walk through silently emotionless and without word
My maids dress me for the soiree
In elegant silk
I step into the ballroom on the arm of another blue blood
And he steps away from me after kissing my long nailed hand sweetly
I am led to another mortal that will be entwined in the dance of the immortals
I move forward on reflex
My fangs already ripping my gums to tear into the soft flesh
They bury themselves like tiny knives
As a shrill scream fills my sensitive ears
I break his neck and sever his spine
I pull away with the crimson painting my lips like lipstick
Will you live the long flow of eternity with me?
Or will you die like all mortals one day do?

Vampire Hearts

We pledged not to ever love
For our undead hearts could not take the strain
We have eternity
Yet I grow bored with you so easily
I used to be so entranced by your frailness
Now my crystal like eyes have moved to watch another dancer drifting by
I have a full hand of cards
I shouldn't fold
For the trick is to merely give up others for better cards
Thus is how you get a royal flush
My heart is no longer bleeding
For it is now icy
I trust only him
And for alone is my mercy
I will not be made a fool of
Not in your game again
I have now learned to play and shall beat you at your own
You must think I'm still naive
But I bid you not
The fiery blood through my veins has all but stopped completely
And my eyes are now wide awake
Something long ago had not been
And this is why you shouldn't play
With vampire hearts