Congrats to Harvestmooluvr for winning my last contest!
Yay! Hopefully I will get more than one entry this time!
Okay- The theme is *drumroll*
Anywill do, just draw a flapper of some sort from the twenties!
If you search Yahoo or Google images just look up Flapper and you'll be able to find one easily.
Try to make it a full body picture,
Color isnt required, but it would be nice.
I will jude on a few things:
How well you captured the twenties/flapper look
Color will bring it up
Back ground
Like i said, you dont have to have a background or color, but it will make your entry place higher
Have Fun!
July 20th
If you have any concerns or deadline problems, just ask to move it
1st- One colored request, one lineart
2nd- One colored
3rd- One lineart
None placers (if I have enough entries) Will receive a thank you gift for entering
Haave Fun!
And if you can't find a good flapper picture, here is some random one:

Semi Trauma to a girl

So Bob told me Cheddar needed to talk to me, and I flipped out. He also said Cheddar knows I like him, but someone else told him that I like him.
If this is true, it will seem like a semi crisis if he hates me. But I'll like it if its true and he likes me back. But to not take chances, I would just not tell him.

My Inner Hair Color

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More Depression

Okay. Eighth grade doesn't look too fun.
Most of my friends are on the other team.


Ugh! I was gonna enter a model search contest, and then I found out, I'M TWO MONTHS TOO YOUNG! Urrk. Just angry.


And the winner to the flapper contest is: *drumroll*
Jaxxi Please email me your requests.
Harvest-chan, I have your requests ready, but I have had them ready since then day after I dyed my hair, I just am so lazy I haven't colored them. So I am going to put them up. :D